Work Stopped on Clark Street Sinkhole

At first we thought it was a weather delay, but several sunny days have now bracketed the long holiday weekend and the barricaded Clark Street entrance to the Promenade sits forlorn and neglected. We’re trying to find a reason, and will update when we do.

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  • Josh G

    WTF! It only took 11 months to get such a pretty detour sign posted..

  • Daffy Duck

    It’s a shortcut to China. If it is opened, billions will flood Brooklyn Heights.

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    Billions of Dollars? Billions of Yuan? Or More likely, Billions of
    illegals. Well, this may be only a revival of an old chinatown tradition…the chinatown tunnel system….

    Paging Fiorello…we have an emergency……

  • JAFO

    I believe they are working on a stairway to BBP.

  • San

    We overlook the delightful sinkhole, I’m not sure if this is anything to do with why work has now stopped, but a few weeks back it looked to me like they had found something unusual, there were a lot of people standing around it looking puzzled, some in work clothes some who looked more like office based engineers, then a guy in a white suit turned up.
    I couldn’t get any info out of anyone at the time.

    The plot thickens and the sinkhole gets bigger…

  • Winstion Smith

    San, How deep do you estimate the hole is?

  • Willow Man

    Layer with Etruscan artifacts found? Neanderthalers?

  • Daffy Duck

    It’s a whopper of a sink-hole, Dorothy!