Downtown Heliport on Agenda Tomorrow Evening

Brooklyn residents who are interested in the issue of continuing helicopter noise from the Downtown Manhattan Heliport are invited to attend the Community Board 1 (Manhattan) Financial District Committee meeting tomorrow (Wednesday, June 1) evening, at 49-51 Chambers Street, Room 709, starting at 6:00. An update on the Downtown Heliport and flight patterns by the City’s Economic Development Commission is on the agenda.

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    Let’s hear it for Rep. Velasquez who today, June 1, sent a strong letter to the Mayor calling for prohibition now against tourism helicopter traffic. She mince’s no words in describing the daily horror our neighborhoods are forced to endure.
    She also, smartly, points out that the FAA’s jurisdiction terminates at 1500 feet, leaving the noisy birds a free rein just low enough to torture us.

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    Low enough to torture us? How about low enough to kill someone…

    I attended the meeting of Manhattan Community board #1 on
    Wed 6/1 With a friend.

    I got a seat and when the subject of the Helocopter trafffic came up. several people spoke. A spokesman and woman for the city
    was there giving a typical presentation that 1) the govt is oper-
    ating as well a can be expected on the matter 2) dont ask us
    to too many stats or real specifics on what were doing 3) we’re
    so limited by the rules, that you should be glad you’re getting what action you are.

    There was the typical well, mush about how unconfortable everyone was with the noise and the flocks of tourists which have now been pushed down into our area by court decision from 30th
    St. But THEN one council member brought up about the toxics
    which the big turbines expel when on the ground. A big health point and THEN he began to proble the “safety issues” of the
    TWO HUNDRED PLUS take offs and landings in the month of May.

    The a few “representatives” of the Brooklyn community were,
    with the exception of Judy Stanton, absolute Lilliputians.

    Then I was recognized. I brought with me the results of a SIXTY
    SECOND google search of the words “Helocopter Crash”
    Guess what and how much material POURED out of my printer..
    INCLUDING numerious websites for law firms looking for clients
    resulting from Helo crashes…See the lawyers KNOW the truth…
    how dangerious helos are when operated by the typical air
    taxi/tourist flight organization with thier use of conterfeit parts,
    lax safety in pilots and chinese bus level maintence.

    I simply (and loudly) asked what everyone thought a chopper
    coming down in lower Manhattan or Downtown Brooklyn
    would be like…the impact, the fuel explosion, what they thought would be the toll from scrapnel alone…how about the huge
    projectiles the blades become…..

    Lots of dopes in the Heights think this kind of thinking is silly.
    But several members of Community board #1 held no such illusions…I was profoundly thanked for my comments as I exited
    the hearing.

    I asked one of the reporters present why was it that, with all the lawyers in the room, no one has sought to use the new invention
    of a judicial intervention. He just rolled his eyes knowingly.

    Then I had to share an icey elevator ride down to the street
    with one of the main factions of Brooklyn orgs present who
    were clearly (just barely) resisting the urge to try to strangle

    To be continued…..