Mysterious Oil Splatter on Henry Street

There seems to have been a strange splattering of oil overnight on Henry Street, resulting in a series of cars being slicked over. Karl Junkersfeld has the video after the jump.

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  • nabeguy

    Judging from the height at which those cars are sprayed, I’d say it must have been a passing truck (possibly garbage) that did this. If there is a pattern of heavy, light, heavy, then it most likely was a garbage truck making stops along the way. What it was leaking is anybody’s guess.

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    If that was my vehicle the first thing I would want to know is what
    was sprayed-oil can be a carrier for a wide variety of chemicals with really nasty LONG TERM effects of exposure. First I would
    want the substance cleared by hazmat. They come and take samples. THEN you have it cleaned off. But first you want to know
    what someone else or you are actuially being exposed to.

    There have been HUNDREDS of incidents of vehicles exposed
    to really dangerious industrial substances and the owners are never told unless they force someone in an official role to render
    a determination…in writing. The midwest has had many incidents of dioxin laced oil simply sprayed or left on roadways.

    So Get it checked out. Know also that elements of this kind of spray incident always also penetrate the car’s interior in PPM

  • bingo

    They repaved Brooklyn Bridge Blvd between Tillary and Fulton during the past few nights – this looks like it’s the spray that goes below the asphalt or whatever the hell the top layer tar is called – macadam (sic)

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    I still say make some hasmat guys check it out…your paying for them to be on call, and the owner doesnt know what that is.
    Your paying for it in taxes…get them to check it out.

  • fulton guy

    Love the Euro style news graphics on the into and exit. where can i grab these?

  • Hannible

    Possible break in a truck’s hydrolic line

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Fulton Guy,

    Graphics and sound effects taken from iMovie.

    Personally, I think a truck’s hydrolic line makes sense.

    I licked my finger after drawing on the car and it tasted like oil fluid. (just kidding)

  • nabeguy

    I looked at this on the way home tonight and have to say this doesn’t look accidental. Way too high and widespread a spray for someone not to notice that it was coming from their vehicle. The pattern appears to start precisely at the corner of Middagh and Henry and end at bit south of Cranberry, but it looks to extend out a good 3-4 feet from the point of dispersal. I find it hard to believe that someone didn’t notice that for a full block.

  • Heightsman

    @jj smith. Car wash. Problem solved. I once lost a mirror on my car. Cops said, “drunk driver….man up, this is Brooklyn” I agreed.

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    If you adopt the classic 1970’s early 80’s “it’s NYC what can you do?” attitude Things just get worse. This is the classic yup attitude
    that things like crime and disfunctional city government are a kind of “urban tax” that everyone here has to put up with to live here.
    With that mindset, of course things kept getting worse.

    The ONLY way things get better, or are prevented from sliding
    back to what we had, is the right kind of neighborhood reactivity.

    I know that 85% is that this is simple oil. But given the many
    many incidents of oil/oil waste having really questionable stuff
    in the mix hazmat should be involved. Some of that spray ab-
    soulutely got into the interiors in PPM. That can easily trigger
    all kinds of health effects.

    But when you ask for something like hazmat you ALSO send a message that this is a knowlegable highly reactive community who demands the best (and more expensive) city response.Dont think this doesn’t send a huge message.

    Guess who gets to live in a safe community-an area full of “dont get involved”, “its just what you have to expect in a major city”
    yup types or a neighborhood full of Alex Jones listeners…..

    When we had BAD drug problems in the Heights in the 70’s
    know what the first thing that was done? “some group” ordered
    like 3000 AFP’s and one nice mid April morning the Heights
    awoke to find them on every car windshield and doorway…
    How fast do you think we got real attention to our problems?
    That’s what real manning up is about..stepping up to a bad
    situation AND making it clear that if something happens here… theres going to be grief in many many other quarters.

    THAT’s how you get to live in a safe, well run community.

  • WillowtownCop

    Damn, Jeffrey, get a grip. You got some smutz on your car. Take it to the car wash. It couldn’t be any more toxic or disgusting than pigeon poop.

    Anything other “problems” you’d like to whine that the government isn’t dropping everything to solve for you?

  • Arch Stanton

    JJS there were no “bad drug problems” here in the 70’S, we only had the best s**t.

  • Arch Stanton

    Oh and what the hell are “AFP’s”?

  • Knight

    I think they’re mercenaries, Arch :)

  • David on Middagh

    AFP’s? Mercenaries? I’m really lost.

    Some people need a blog of their own.

    Just saying…

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    Sorry if I went off on this-but I have background with Agent orange
    vets and through that I met the clinical ecology groups so I know
    how serious toxic exposures are. But the observations of the value
    of high community reactivity really ARE valid. Oh, well “someone”
    did a search at the time and found a publication, the American Free Press which had the greatest crosss to dracula effect we could find anywhere to use on the local politcal establishment of that time. It was Amazing. Remember the court scene at nights at the court at Monore and Pierrepont? We had YEARS of officials
    and political types in effect sying there was noting we (and you)
    could do…until there was a new equation; dont do your job, and
    you’ll have to live with exactly what you LEAST want to see get
    louder and more powerful. Guess how fast they decided to start
    to clean up the M&P court scene and be more reasonable about
    the gangs of “visitors” from “other neighborhoods” who drove Heights residents ,especially the elderly,off the Promenade
    for like three years. It all the REAL hidden history of the
    Heights.Someday I have to get into the “radio” aspect of what
    “some people” did about the drug situation during that era.

  • Winstion Smith

    Hey Jeff did you run out of your Klonopin again?

  • chrysler5thavenue

    What was the “radio” aspect & why is “radio” & “some people” in quotes? If you want to share history and information, just do it. Why bother with the crypticism?

  • BklynPeg

    Looks like some of you don’t have anything better to do than criticize. .
    Even if you don’t like someone’s comments (and you already know you don’t), just skip them. So much for people being more enlightened in
    BH– these are same comments you find on an AOL down-home forum.
    I’m just glad I didn’t have a car there, and feel sorry for those who did.

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    @winston-listen to Hank Williams the 3ed music take on that-
    By the way, you dont even have to look in a PDR anymore for
    the counterindications or warnings on any of that class of meds.
    Just google say, haldol dangers or dangers haldol and you’ll
    see real world reasons to avoid the “wonder drugs” UGH!
    Chrysler; why dont you lock on some of the really great
    mopar classics-for a handle how about; GTX, Imperial 57, 300-D, HEMI road runner or DeSoto Adventuer. Those were real Chryslers. A group of Heights people set up a network of pirate
    radio stations of course I had nothing to do with this…

  • Gerry

    I am glad that I was not parked on Henry Street with a NYC parking placard I park on Montague Terrace and there was no oil on the cars here — when a movie is shot on location and I am not able to park on Montage Terrace I park on Pierrepont Place years ago I was told that parking on Henry Street is high risk.

    Those big glass towers in Greenpoint and Williamsburg with parking garages in the basement and swimming pools on the roof look better and better to me as I commute to my job in Nassau County I could avoind the traffic on the BQE.

    I love Brooklyn Heights but with oil spilled all over the cars and NO swimming pools and few parking garages (they closed Love Lane) it becomes hard to live here.