Don’t Like Sidewalk Cafe Seating? Now’s the Time to Whine

This note just in from Community Board 2:

The Department of Consumer Affairs has informed Community Board 2 that the following sidewalk cafés have submitted applications to renew their licences:

Moulina LLC dba Bar Tabac — 128 Smith Street
P.J. Coffee Shop Inc. dba Clark’s Restaurant — 80 Clark Street
662 Fulton St Restaurant Corp dba Deniz
Selvam Corp. dba Dino Restaurant — 222 DeKalb Avenue
La Traviata Corp — 139 Montague Street
Mojito Cuban Cuisine Corp. — 82 Washington Street
Siggy’s Good Food LLC — 76 Henry Street
Anyone with complaints about the operation of outdoor seating at these establishments may direct them to the community board at

Do you have a beef with sidewalk seating?

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  • TS McGee

    Tutt Cafe does a great job at having sidewalk seating and keeping it resident friendly. I think Iris would need a good awning.

  • Tb

    Really?? Really guys? Is this truly an issue? Guess what.. It’s not.
    Schools are an issue. Poverty is an issue. Crime is an issue. Outdoor seating???? Good lord.

  • bklyn20

    I saw recently (on Brownstoner?) that Iris Cafe on Columbia Place wants to add dinner service. I think I’m in favor, but I wonder how folks in the Riverside Houses would view it. Don’t know if Iris would want outdoor seating.

  • bklyn20

    Sorry for double posting. I need a new phone!

  • epc

    Subtle nit: Mojito Cuban is at 82 Washington Avenue. 82 Washington Street would be in a nook under the BQE.

  • TS McGee

    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM….. A nook under the BQE. SEXY

  • AL

    All in favor of sidewalk seating PROVIDED it doesn’t impede pedestrian traffic as it sometimes does when exceeds space allotted for this purpose.

  • lori

    I am not opposed to sidewalk “cafe” seating if there is room, as with many Montague Street restaurants, but Clark’s at 80 Clark Street? Is there really room there?

  • Crementia Murrs

    Sidewalk seating? Heavens! Can’t they at least put some chairs out there?

  • Eddy de Lectron

    Lori, The “sidewalk seating” at Clark’s is in the semi-permanent addition attached to the Henry street side of the building.

  • GHB

    Tb, may I call you “Consumption”? No one said it’s an earth-shattering issue, but outdoor seating is an issue to those of us who like to eat outdoors in the Heights this time of year. What do poverty, crime and schools have to do with this post? There are other threads for those issues. Good lord!