Meeting on Alternatives to Housing in Park Wednesday Evening at LICH

This in from the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation:

A special meeting of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Community Advisory Council will be held to discuss the Committee on Alternatives to Housing draft report. The meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 20, 2011 at approximately 6:30 PM, at Long Island College Hospital, Avram Conference Center, Rooms A & B, 339 Hicks Street (at Atlantic Avenue), Brooklyn, NY 11201.

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  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    The basic question remains, how can anyone do any kind of costs
    or revenue projections in an economic atmosphere such as this.

    The FRN is in serious danger of being replaced as the world’s reserve currency. Pensions are almost completely undermined.
    Municipal govts and states are laying off police and other public safety officers nation wide. The derivative bomb is still there…
    via the darlings in London…

    And some local Private corporation, usually with the all the
    transparency of mud, (or some rival faction) is going to tell you
    they have a sound financial basis for a project….

    Unless they have at this point a vault of precious metals and somehow have it under some impenetrable trust I suggest you
    consider what is promised very remote.

  • bklyn20

    Thanks for posting this, but…unless you are a member of the CAC, you won’t be able to speak at this meeting. If anything, you might be able to speak at the very end of the meeting, after any voting is done.

  • T.K. Small

    The last time I went to one of these meetings I felt like I needed a shower after everything was concluded. Unfortunately I don’t think it will be much different at the next gathering.

  • Buddy Holly

    Yellow Showers for everyone tomorrow night.

  • nabeguy

    What frightens me is that this is just the smoke. I can only imagine what the mirrors are going to look like,

  • Jeffrey J Smith

    This is exactly what several of this nation’s founders warned about-the privatization of governmental functions.

    Once you have a private bank…you know the rest. Increasingly
    more and more private corporations take up what was formerly
    open government. People called it “politics” but it WAS legally
    an open process to a marked degree. But now from the EU
    govenrment with 5/6 of its legislative processes done in secret
    to FR gold swaps to well, this corporation…its all power
    without responsibility…and all the transparancy of mud.

    And you pay for it all…..

    They know that not one of you will mount any kind of significant protest. No one of you will seriously look for a basis for a RJI.
    They also know the press has become an adjunct of government so its basically silent.

    Its 1755 and the ball is in you court. What…will any of you do
    about this?

    That’s what I thought……