Hey Man, Is This Your Blackberry Lost in Brooklyn Heights?

We are so on a roll with the lost and the found. Let’s see if we can reunite this Blackberry and its owner.

The photo comes courtesy of “PG” who found it and tells us:

I found a Blackberry Curve on State St. and Sidney Pl. earlier today. I brought it to the Sprint store and Radio Shack but was told the only way to find out who the owner is, was to wipe the memory. I thought I would try this first. Please call the phone if you lost one in the area so I can get it back to you.

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  • LISA

    Everyone should put address labels with phone numbers on their phones, If it had been done, in this case, the phone and owner would have been reunited by now……

  • x

    Tried calling one o f the numbers and find out who this belongs to?

  • Jeffrey J Smith

    Want to find the owner? Simple

    1) Call the Michigan State Police have them drive to the heights

    2) Have them turn on one of thier Cellebrite UFED units

    3) Complete extraction of existing, hidden, delited phone data
    text messages, geotags and photos are now available.

    4) One problem, they may bill YOU $544,680.

    (Google “Michigan State Police CeleBrite UFED” for further

    Guess where the UFED is made…….

  • Jeffrey J Smith

    A LOT of phones now, according to key sources assemble a full record of the phone’s location complete WITH a time stamp and stores it in a secret file which is released when You download the
    phone’s information to your computer. According to reliable sources, the I-phone among others keeps records of everywhere the phone has been over the last YEAR..

    If this is so, all anyone would have to do is access the secret file,
    and find where the phone has spent considerable late evening time. GPS generally is two dimensional in location but some phones ALSO register Altitude. This may allow deducement of
    the actuial floor in a structure the phone overnights.

    According to NUMERIOUS SOURCES all of this is now possible.

    anyone can go to http://WWW.Newstype.com and see if we are
    fabricating any of the above….

  • dog lover

    Usually people include an I.C.E. name and number in their contact list. I.C.E. = in case of emergency.

  • mlo

    try calling the last person called from that phone