Open Thread Wednesday 4/20/11

Sunshine in Brooklyn Heights

It’s 4/20, what can possibly be on your mind? Comment away!
Flickr photo by Elizabeth Thomsen

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  • Bucket brigade

    Does any one know a good roofer with local references and insured?

  • lori

    Thanks for posting the sun on Open Tread – we could use some right now.

  • AnnOfOrange

    Honey in the Heights? Last weekend I saw three people dressed in protective gear standing around what looked like beehive boxes in the Poplar Street Garden. Anyone know about bees and honey in Brooklyn Heights?

  • SidneyPLaceLifer

    @Bucket Brigade –

    Premier Roofing – I would ONLY use them. I was SO worried about being ripped off (we had guys come around “in the neighborhood doing a job” who offered to check our roof – riiight…

    718 638 3711

    Larry came over (he’s one of the owners) and gave a fair estimate and did the work beautifully. When I asked if they’d done any work on Sidney Place he pulled out a cipboard with pages of single spaced sheets on it with addresses in the Heights that they’d done through the years. He’d done three on our block alone.

    They stand by their work and I recommend them wholeheartedly.

  • David G

    I’m a beekeeper in BK Heights. I have not heard of the poplar street garden, having a hive, but I have one on a rooftop near Court and Joralemon. Let me know if you would like to learn more or are interested in hosting a hive yourself.


  • End of an era

    Has anyone else noticed that there are all new guys at Tutt Cafe? Since the changeover the chicken pizza tastes totally different, the salads are wet, and the sandwiches are greasy.

    Anyone else notice this, or am I too picky? Tutt was my go to place, but unless they get back to where they used to be, I am going to have to find a new spot for dinner.

  • nabeguy

    No change that I’ve noticed, and I go there 2-3 times a week. Sammy may not be there as often as he used to (or maybe he’s in the back), but the food seems to taste the same, although I limit my choices pretty strictly to a pitza and either a chicken, falafel, or marguez sandwich. Maybe you should express your opinions to Sammy directly.

  • Hicks St Guy

    ate at Seasons last night, pretty good, very reasonably priced, wine list good, and the service was terrific. will return.

  • harumph

    @David G – can you tell us more about your hives? what are you doing with all that Brooklyn Heights gold?

  • Matthew Parker

    @harumph–I don’t know. Sounds like a sting operation to me.

  • Andy

    I love the new and bigger Flickr banner on the site. I’m getting much more views because of that!

  • C.

    anybody know what’s going in at the space next to buon gusto?

  • Dave

    So I knocked up my wife (yay) but now we have to move out of our lovely one bedroom to a place that is more accommodating to a baby. Anyone have any leads or 2BRs they know are available in the neighborhood? Ideally with things that will make our new lives easy (an elevator or 1st floor apt., laundry in unit or building). Thanks all!

  • Bornhere

    Elegant, Dave, elegant.

  • AEB

    Now don’t go all sentimental on us, Dave!

  • Bucket brigade

    @ SidneyPLaceLifer, Thanks, I’ll give them a call.

  • nabeguy

    Dave, you left out a nanny. Keep it classy.

  • Rick

    Anybody else been smelling skunks in the heights? We’re by Pierrepont Street and we’ve been smelling their spray here for the last few months, almost always late at night. And walking around we’ve smelled them on Orange Street and on the Promenade around Clark street. But I’ve yet to actually spot one of the striped critters!

  • Spotted

    So this late afternoon I was walking my dog and was headed on my way home from the dog park by One Brooklyn when a silver car with Jersey plates was coming down Furman and made an illegal turn onto Joralemon. Probably just a mistake I thought but there was a car on Joralemon waiting for the light to change to turn onto Furman and he noticed the silver car and started honking to let the silver car know Joralemon was a one way.

    The silve car ignored and went right on up. To my surprise the silver car turned against traffic on Joralemon and then drove into the garage just across the street from River Deli. You know the garage that has the “For Rent” sign posted with the renovated building.

    Be careful because it seems like this person has done it more than once by the way he was driving.

  • Y

    ** Breaking news **

    The entrance to the Promenade was inofficially reopend this evening around 10 PM when an impatient driver decided to plow with his car through the barricades only to be stopped by the iron fence along the promenade.

    Fence 1 – Car 0

    No word yet on if the driver felt lucky or unlucky to be stopped. Maybe he was just looking for a shortcut to the BQE?

  • Jeffrey J Smith

    Last night attended the 84th Pct Community Council. two friends showed up. I wrote up more of what really happened and some
    of the hidden background on the 84 pct heading page.

    Have noticed a white van on clear st bet henry and hicks several times late night hours. Has anyone seen this?

  • TS McGee

    Good for them. I saw the police flatbed on the promenade but didn’t even think to look at the fence.

  • WillowtownCop

    Spotted- if you have reason to suspect he lives here and has NJ plates, write the plate number down. The Attorney General has a hotline for insurance rate jumping/fraud. At the least, they will pass on the tip to his insurance company.

    If you’re not doing everything perfect, you can’t act like such an ass because there’s always something you can be turned in to someone for.

  • TS McGee

    Spoken like a true cop. “there’s always something you can be turned in to someone for.” ??

    Watch how this officer treats a citizen that ran a light.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    If anyone wants to laugh out loud, read the comments and descriptions of Monroe and Brooklyn Heights, in general, in the comments section of the attached post about an available apartment on Monroe Place. Bloggers are no doubt a unique breed. lol

  • David G

    I have two hives and I usually sell my honey to friends and coworkers in order to cover the costs. It has a very refreshing and delicious citrus taste. Likely a product of the amazing flora that is available in the heights.

  • GHB

    Karl, I was laughing about that thread yesterday. I’m thinking that if most of those bloggers actually lived here, they wouldn’t be using names like “Joraleum”, “Camden Plaza” or “Middaugh” And what is Cadmen Plaza, plural?

  • harumph

    Thanks @David G – so interesting – love that you are doing this…if we only we had an outside space in which to do this – really wonderful.

  • george

    And I am just sitting here on this lovely thursday morning in my small apartment on montague sreet with a bottle of vodka in hand. I am trying to write a book! But not one word is getting on the bloody paper. I feel like throwing the bottle of grey goose against the wall and watch it shatter. But I am lost in the botle as well so will I shatter too? Any ideas for a. Book?

  • Dave

    @me looking to rent and definitely interested. how should i contact you?

    @nabeguy one thing at a time! first a place to live, then a nanny, then maybe i’ll go classy.