Open Thread Wednesday 4/20/11

Sunshine in Brooklyn Heights

It’s 4/20, what can possibly be on your mind? Comment away!
Flickr photo by Elizabeth Thomsen

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  • harumph

    @george stop drinking and just start writing – enough with the romantic heroics of a blocked writer

  • Buddy Holly

    @George – pick a subject, and let it rip.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    @bucket brigade

    I, too, am a fan of Premier Roofing and use only them.

  • nabeguy

    Yes, me, that was me. George, I like the idea of you shattering with the bottle…a touch of Kafka there.

  • T.K. Small

    @George: if you stopped drinking for a few hours you could write a book about recovery.

  • BrooklynHeights1

    THE “skunks” you are probably smelling is actually someone celebrating 420….alll year round.

  • Rick

    Thanks, but I’ve lived in the country, so I know the difference between cannibis and Eau De Skunk!

    Anyway, I was surprised to find that there actually are skunks in this part of Brooklyn, I knew about the muskrat and the racoons, but never smelled skunks until this winter.

    Maybe it took all this time for them to wander up from Bay Ridge! (see article below)

  • CrankyOne

    I think I saw Tyrah Banks at Gristedes in the frozen food aisle. Can’t imagine she’d do her own shopping. I think it was her. She was purty.

  • BrooklynHeights1

    @rick :) glad you had a good sense of humor ! I am actually suprised about the skunks, I thought I escaped them after graduating college and leaving ct !!! I hope I don’t run into one !!

  • heightsguy

    george, that is so 1920’s expat in Paris, to drink yourself to death thinking you are cool and romantic. I know that if I drink, I can’t write. Coffee helps me write. Go to an AA meeting, and if that turns you off, try another meeting, if it still turns you off try SMART Recovery or LifeCircle, which are secular. Maybe a beer or one glass of wine are OK, but not swigging vodka. You are just killing brain and liver cells. What else is going on or not going on in your life? Any friends, sex? Need help for depression? There’s your armchair one minute psychotherapy for the day. (had too much coffee)

  • David on Middagh

    Guess what is stapled to the trees on Hicks Street between Cranberry and Orange? A laminated poem for Earth Day.

  • nabeguy

    DOM, that’s hilarious and tragic at the same time.

  • Daffy Duck

    That wasn’t Tyrah Banks in the frozen food section. It was a graham cracker crust, chocolate creme pie. Silly.

  • Winstion Smith

    Rick, I thought I saw Markowitz hanging around there…

  • C

    Does anyone know a good reliable handyman in the area? Need some basic installation of a bathroom cabinet. Thanks in advance

  • Damn those dorms

    Picked this off frop BKHeights Parents Yahoo group.

    This evening at 8:30pm my husband was walking on the sidewalk in front of the
    dormitory at 55 Clark Street and an extra-large, full can of soda fell to the
    ground almost hitting him on the head. It missed him by only 4 or 5 inches.
    The doorman working at the building across the street said that this is a
    recurring problem since, apparently,there is a resident (a student?) who has
    been throwing/dropping soda cans out of the window attempting to hit people. My
    husband called the police, but when they came they said they could do nothing
    about it since it was not clear from exactly which room the can was thrown, and
    also because no one was hurt. I intend to call the precinct tomorrow to report
    this again, but in the meanwhile I wanted to write to warn everyone to please,
    please avoid walking on the side of Clark street under the dormitory, especially
    in the evening and especially with your children. The can was most certainly
    thrown from at least several stories up and could do serious damage if it were
    to hit a person or young child.

    This is not the first time some jackass has been hurling projectiles from the dorms (a few years ago it was bricks on the Henry St. side).
    And then there was Guder and friends…
    I am sure some residents are decent, but it’s not like those ones are doing extra positive things to somehow counteract these negatives.

  • Serpico

    Typical of the police to do nothing. God forbid they should actually haul their doughnut filled buttocks into the building and question some of the residents or see if a security camera picked up something. When cops are tardy to do their job, get their name(s) and shield number(S) and call it in to 311.

  • pankymom

    Reward should be offered to college students willing to rat out this little creep. Crisp $50 should do the trick.

  • Damn those Dorms

    How about the threat of accomplice to murder if they know who is doing it and don’t give up the info.

  • bhmom

    @Dave: Brooklyn Heights rentals are pretty expensive. How much are you planning to spend on a rental?

  • Jeffrey J Smith

    A real sign of the times…….

    Its EASTER Sunday I met my family at St Patrick’s then we delivered the annual baskets and flowers to friends but
    at one point I had to go back to the Heights. It was a great
    weather day, so I thought I’d walk along te promenade to get to the house.

    There I was in my Easter finery, all of us were dressed to the
    occasion, and what did I see? This is Easter Sunday and the
    promenade was filled with yups drressed in “casual wear”
    formless, unironed some looked not recently washed and
    with the drab colors. Which the acceptable norm for citizens
    of the new world order..I suppose

    And I thought to myself, its Easter Sunday and theyre dressed like
    absolute slobs.

    Wait, perhaps this is all a remake of Easter Parade and this is the
    “we’re a couple of swells” scene.

  • Jeffrey J Smith

    Re: the situation at the dorms/former St George at Henry and clark
    streets, this is a VERY serious recurring condition.

    In this matter you shouldbe doing the following:

    1) you should personally go to the 84th Pct go to the complaint
    room and make a formal complaint. Make SURE to get the
    NUMBER of your complaint-whats known as the “sixty one”

    2) while in the precinct go to the detectives and make complaint
    to them. Demand that your matter be taken seriously. Mention
    that this is a recurring condition.

    3) While still in the precinct building request to speak to the
    community relations officer.

    It really helps if you call first and find when the community relations offficers will be in.

    Then, you need to approach the District Attorney’s office of Kings County. Make clear this is a serious condition which has not
    been persued in the past. Then follow up with a registered letter
    making WRITTEN complaint detailing each aspect of the situation..

    Then I would call and personally visit my city councilman, State
    assemblyman, State senitor’s office and congresswomen’s office
    (that dorm recieved BOTH state and federal funds) Make note
    of that and your police complaint. Follow up with a REGISTERED
    letter placing your complaint in formal WRITTEN form

    Why do all of this? Because, when you do this, you remove one
    of the most precious items in officialdom: the ability to deny hav-
    ing known of a dangerious condition when a later even more serious incident occurs..which I assure you is coming….

  • Ted

    anyone know of monthly parking in the area, other than garages? perhaps a private space someone is renting, etc. thx!