Car Thief on Middagh Picks Wrong Guy

From this week’s Brooklyn Paper Police Blotter comes a story of an Off duty corrections officer who found a skell trying to steal his car, parked at the corner of Hicks and Middagh.  jailarity ensues:

Brooklyn Paper: Police Blotter: “I’m a police officer,” the correction officer said. “Get out of the vehicle.” Instead, the perp punched the officer in the arm, tried to steal his gun, and then fled. A nearby cop chased the perp and arrested him.

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  • AB

    What IS it about quiet, lovely and very finite Middagh, which just happens to be the street on which I live?

    Guess you can’t EVER judge a gift by its size….

  • Ethan

    Very little foot traffic, quick access to the bridge and lots of trees to obscure a view. Oh, and all those sexy cars ;)