Do You Know the Way to Staten Island?

BHB reader “BP” sent in this photo of the Staten Island Ferry cruising by the Brooklyn Bridge.  We’re guessing this is a cruise to lookey lou the NYC Waterfalls, although we couldn’t find any info online about such an excursion.

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  • WaterBoy

    One possible answer and I do not say this with absolute certainty: Ferry might have been at the Brooklyn Navy Yard for some kind of relatively minor maintenance/repair.

  • Claude Scales

    Another S.I. ferry was following the same route this evening at about 9:00.

  • amanda

    I saw this happening on Saturday, late morning, from Bklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO. The ferry boat veered upriver almost to the Manhattan Bridge, and then turned around and headed back. There was a FDNY fireboat there with their ceremonial spray, so I’m imagining it was some sort of special event or something?

  • Claude Scales

    This supports Homer’s theory about a cruise to view the waterfalls. However, the boat we (my wife, a friend and I) saw heading north on the East River last evening went under the Brooklyn Bridge, but didn’t return for the time we were on the Promenade, which was at least another half hour.