Byrne Backs Irish Language Theater Company

Brooklyn Heights resident/actor Gabriel Byrne is the latest patron of Belfast’s Aisling Ghear, an Irish language theater company. The group has extended an invitation to the actor, who was born in Dublin, to visit them this year. The troupe’s GM, Carrie-Anne McAlonan-McCrudden, tells the Belfast Telegraph that having “avid” Irish speaking Byrne as their patron will be great for them. She adds, “It’s nice for us, and nice for him to be associated with us as well. He has been very supportive of Irish language projects in the past… It consigns some kind of artistic merit, that we have become established and reached a level of quality where we have a Hollywood actor associated with us.”

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  • Carrie-Anne McAlonan-McCrudden

    Hi Homer

    Thank you for your piece on Gabriel Bryne and Aisling Ghéar Theatre Co. Thought you’d like to know something of the background to this tremendous piece of news. We’d been looking for a Patron for some time and we had a select and small list of people that we wanted to approach. And really the criteria for the select list was that each of the men and women were accomplished and, had accomplished something great, they had a high profile and most importantly, had demonstrated a commitment to Irish language – and Gabriel Byrne fulfills on all of these and then some. As it happens, a social occasion presented itself and Mr Byrne was invited to consider our request and we’re very happy to be able to say that he has chosen to say Yes! So why did he say yes – my sense is that it’s an acknowledgement of his craft, an acknowledgement of his country of birth and of Irish language. So what’s Aisling Ghéar got – we’re the only professional theatre company working full-time in Ireland dedicated to quality Irish language theatre and we’re passionate about creating a future for it. So what does a Patron do? – not obliged to anything except, be great and I don’t he would consider anything less. What we get to take on is to have Gabriel Byrne be proud of Aisling Ghéar and his association with us. Now – there’s an exciting incentive to start each day with!!

    The Company’s GM

  • Ceithearna Coille, Craobh Nua Eabhrac

    Béir bua, a Ghaibriéil!

    Bail ó Dhia ar an obair!