84th Precinct Community Council Meeting Tuesday

The 84th Precinct Community Council will be meeting on Tuesday evening, April 19th, beginning at 7:00, at Brooklyn Law School, 250 Joralemon Street, 10th floor, between Adams and Court streets. The public is invited. “Attendees will receive updates on recent criminal activity and Police Department response. They will also have the opportunity to ask questions or speak privately with officers.”

Deputy Inspector Mark DiPaolo, Commanding Officer of the 84th, has initiated e-mail community alerts. If you wish to receive these, please call the 84th Precinct Crime Prevention Officer, P.O. John Kenny, at (718) 875-6363 and provide your e-mail address.

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  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    Its interesting….at one time there were printed announcements
    for the month’s community council meeting placed all over the Heights. Anyone with any interest in neighborhood problems related to public safety/personal security saw that there was a regular meeting for their concerns.

    But then crime surged and the number of persons showing up
    with serious, justifitable complaints surged.

    The civilians non police pesons running the meetings held
    presentations which were either NY City or State social policy
    diversity, traffic safety etc. Or they had presentations which were
    classic “your government at work” type shows

    This while people were coming in to report wholesale violent crime. And they poor response of city agencies to thier vic-

    Not unreasonably the meetings degenerated into shouting
    matches andalso became the subject of much press coverage

    Then a remarkable thing happened…..the printed announcements
    of the meetings posted all ovcer the Heights STOPPED.
    And it became increasingly difficult to find out when and where the meeting would be.

    If you called the precinct, unless the (very good dedicated)
    community relations officers were in, no one could tell you when
    or where the meeting would be. Notices for the meetings were buryed in community announcement lists.

    The attendance at the meetings, always far short of what they should be, plumited. As did press coverage of the now sparse,
    now dull meetings. But make no mistake, public upset and out-
    rage and profound dissatisfication with government didn’t go away. It now just didnt focus anywhere.

    And of course, negative press coverage of local security
    issues declined to a more confortable (for officialdom) level.

    But the question is, is publicity still a line item on the community council’s budget? According to what I was told this is a discrete budget item for which funds are allocated.

    If so, what are they doing with the publicity funds.

    It thetime since the last serious surge in crime, we have some of the best security in the last 40 years of Heights history. The
    vast majority of the credit for this sits with the precinct line officer.
    Once the mismanagement from 1 police plaza and to a greater extent City Hall declined the average precinct level command, detectives and street offcers brought the terrible days of this city to an end and have maintained good public safety since.

    But there is no substitute for strong public support for police
    and other public safety personnel. For this reason, clear, strong
    TIMELY announcements of the precinct community council
    meetings on this blog are a VERY welcome development.

    Thank you for this service to our community.