Cops Nab Cranberry Thugs

The Brooklyn Paper’s Police Blotter brings us this tidbit about an attempted mugging at the corner of Cranberry and Hicks:

Brooklyn Paper: Police Blotter: Cops arrested two thugs in Brooklyn Heights after they beat up a man and tried to steal his wallet on June 22.

The Boerum Hill man was waiting at the corner of Hicks and Cranberry streets at around 3 pm when one mugger used the old “What time is it?” distraction.

While the victim was considering the question, the other thug demanded, “Give me your wallet.”

Offering some advice, the first thug then added, “He’s got a gun, so give us your wallet.”

When the victim refused, one mugger smashed a glass bottle across his face, and the two men fled.

A half-hour later, cops found the muggers and arrested them.

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  • nabeguy

    Alarming. Glad they’re off the streets and kudos to the 84th precinct for a quick apprehension.

  • beth

    I *think* I saw this guy on Sunday — he came out of Jack the Horse, got into a cop car, and they all sped off in pursuit. Yay that they were found! In my four years living by that corner I have witnessed/overheard/heard about at least four muggings there. Weird.

  • Wayne

    This happened at 3pm in the afternoon?

  • Walt Whitman’s Ghost

    The”Cranberry Thugs” moniker isn’t working for me. It’s less than menacing. Look out! It’s the Cranberry Thugs! About as scary as the Lollipop Bandit or the Sunshine and Smiles Gang.

    Anyway, I am glad these guys are (temporarily) off the streets, and I hope the victim wasn’t badly hurt and is recovering.

  • Claude Scales

    Next up: the Orange Ogres and the Pineapple Punks.

  • nabeguy

    CS, they’ve got nothing on the Middagh Marauders!

  • Andrew Porter

    The People’s Republic of Pineapple Street knows how to protect those who live here…

  • brewster

    I was held up in that area last week.