NY Daily News Covers P.S. 8 Kids and NatGeo Contest

As we reported last month, The P.S. 8 kids have until March 16 to win National Geographic’s Find Your Footprint contest. They’re currently in second place in the race for $36,600 for their school. So as they say in Chicago, vote early and vote often — HERE.

The NY Daily News covers their bid and their film “Saving Water 101 today”:

NY Daily News: “I saw water fountains that just kept going,” said Alec Bresler, 8, explaining the faucets were often left on by younger kids who struggled to turn the knobs.

The group set out to find out just how much water was going down the drain, documenting their findings in a two-minute film, “Saving Water 101.”

“We want people to stop wasting water, and really start thinking about the water supply we have,” said Josh Jones, 10, who’s honing his video-camera skills in the club.

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