Brooklyn Heights Resident, Dan Fogler, Kisses Supermodel in New Movie

Actor/Brooklyn Heights resident Dan Fogler who shot to fame (and won a Tony) in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee is currently starring in the 80s flashback flick Take Me Home Tonight. Fogler co-stars with Topher Grace as well as 80s supermodel Angie Everhart, who he gets to make out with (see trailer after the jump).

Seems like the NY Daily News said “yes” to a very crafty publicist’s suggestion that they take the actor “home” to Dyker Heights to visit his alma mater Poly Prep Country Day School.

NY Daily News: “I graduated in 1994, and those were the grunge years,” he says. “I was into Pearl Jam and Nirvana. I wouldn’t say I was ahead of my time, but I was shaving pretty early and had all different kinds of facial hair. That was pretty cool, but it upset the guys who hadn’t gone through puberty yet.”

The bullies didn’t like the new mature look, either.

“Once I went through puberty, I became the bullies’ bully,” says Fogler, who now lives in Brooklyn Heights. “I would see the guys who used to pick on me pick on the smaller guys and I would break up the fight. I tried to put the bullies in their place, but that has its own drawbacks because then they go and get their bully friends.”

Fogler’s teenage experiences influenced his portrayal of Barry Nathan, Topher Grace’s best friend in “Take Me Home Tonight.”

“The dynamics in the movie were very similar to what I dealt with in high school,” he says. “The whole thing felt like I was in 10th grade again with all the insecurities.”

Of course, Fogler never swapped spit with Angie Everhart in high school as he does in the movie.

According to Fogler, “When I was younger, she was this hot supermodel who dated Stallone and all these action stars. She was an icon, and I’m suddenly making out with her in a bathroom. That was pretty awesome.”

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