Ravitch on Daily Show Tonight

Brooklyn Heights resident and education expert Diane Ravitch, who gave the featured address at Monday’s BHA Annual Meeting, will appear on tonight’s “Daily Show with Jon Stewart” (Comedy Central, 11:00 p.m.).

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  • stuart little

    good to know. I will watch. I wonder if she is on to something or is just a reactionary who rejects every innovation in education for the past thirty years.

  • Mona Bregman

    I am a retired educator, with 35 years in the NYC system.. I have also been a “teacher of teachers” for over 20 year.
    When listening to Ms. Ravitch the other evening, I felt like her words was coming right out of MY mouth. Everything she said is based on fact and research. Testing, as it is done now, serves no other purpose than to rank schools. The testing should be, as it was years ago, a means to help the teacher know what the student needs help with. An after test, in the Spring, would tell of the progress or lack of, so that future plans can be made. Additionally, testing students only using math and reading, only tests those who learn best using math and reading. Howard Gardner identifies 8 different intelligences . Many students learn best using visual methods,or musical methods or through movement.
    Students need to be tested using their preferred intelligence. Other kinds of testing need to be developed so that ALL children can show how what they have learned and what they know as they solve real life problems.