BHA Annual Meeting Live Blog

Ladies and gentlemen, your live blog of the BHA’s Annual
Meeting is right here (and follow our Tweets @bkheightsblog) .. after the jump.

7:36pm – just getting started…just to give an idea of how lax this year’s meeting is, the waived the reading of minutes

Just going over financials now. They’re running a deficit!

7:41pm – Prince was here?

7:43pm – Helicopter issue gets a shoutout. Boo tourists! Yay committees! Keep those angry calls coming!

7:45pm – go to the bha or ps8 web site and vote! No, I. Don’t know why either

7:47pm – YaY BHA eBlasts! Next year they will be on myspace!

7:49pm – now we’re gettin into the jjuicy stuff…BBP tobacco warehouse debacle

7:52pm – both the state and the fed park services finagled the warehouse out of the park boundaries

7:53pm – just dissed the “blogosphere”

7:55pm – tom stewart! I will abstain from obligatory totebag reference

7:57pm – tom giving award to bhb. Who the hell is theo?
Homer getting press op with tom. Methinks homer’s hair cut too short

Homer thanked his wife. That’s very important.

8:00pm – yay riverside tenants association! Boo pinnacle group! Seriously, pinnacle is just terrible. The tenants deserve better

8:03pm – I mean, come on, its obvious pinnacle wants to kick them all out and condoize the place

8:07pm – ravitch intro. Let me say tom stewart was quite bubbly tonight

8:09pm – ravitch on stage, will be selling books afterwards

Her neighbor is judy stanton. That’s all I’ve learned so far

8:11pm – shoutout to wisconsin unions!

8:14pm – she is going through her stump speech, I presume you could read it in her best selling book.

Stop demonizing teachers! Boo city school rating system! Attica! Attica!

8:17pm – finland: no standardized tests. Also, decent vodka.

NYC student score miracle a sham!

8:22pm – just say no to privatizing schools.

Poverty single biggest reason for poor students.

8:26pm – texas school miracle a sham!

8:28pm – waiting to hear some concrete solutions other than “end poverty”

8:31pm – waiting for superman is full of lies. Full of them.

Charter schools not the answer.

8:36pm – Ravitch still tearing the education system a new one.

FoxNews-owned ny post trying to publish teacher ratings to ruin lives.

8:38pm – bring back board of examiners! Don’t give bad teachers tenure!

Eff merit pay!

8:47pm – ravitch: we need a broader vision. Stop testing. Stop rating. End poverty. Thank your local teacher.

Standing O!

8:48pm – uh oh. Q&A. Biviano asked first question.

Second question: can you measure teacher performance? Answer: better principals. Less tests.

8:52pm –
Third question: parental involvement? Answer: Poverty! End it!

8:54pm – pre-K the most important part of a childs development

8:56pm – audit the charter schools! They receive public funds and are not accountable!

8:57pm – time for refreshments!

8:59pm – uh oh. Overtime Q&A. Someone is rambling about taxes. Now he is rambling about deliverymen running people over.

9:02pm – someone else complains about kids and bikes. Is this really an issue.

Bha pres drops the A bomb!

9:05pm – john waters in the house, and he’s angry about finance industry.

NOW its over.

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  • T.K. Small

    I am disappointed. I asked Homer for his autograph, now that he is part of the establishment, and he declined.