Riverside Tenants’ Association Receives BHA’s Community Service Award

Naturally, we’ve been kvelling about the Community Service Award the Brooklyn Heights Association gave to BHB at their annual meeting Monday evening. Ours was not, however, the only such award given. The other, very deserving, in our view, recipient was the Riverside Tenants’ Association, honored for its work to preserve the Riverside Apartments, on Columbia Place between Joralemon and State streets, and, in particular, for the ongoing struggle to save the courtyard between the building and the BQE, and its grove of mature trees. Karl recorded the proceedings and added his usual enlightening context; video after the jump.

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  • william

    Wow. Great video. Beautifully produced.

  • http://deleted Anon

    Congratulations to those brave folks at Riverside! They will hopefully prevail over this rapacious landlord. They deserve our united support in preserving low rental rates for our neighborhood, too. They are also strong advocates for a true Brooklyn Bridge Park for all, without luxury condos. Maybe the Heights Associaiton will recognize their park advocacy at next year’s meeting when private housing is finally taken out of the park plan and recreation re-instated.

  • Bob Stone

    Way to go, Bill.

  • Amanda Tree

    I’m so happy to see our Riverside Tenant’s Organization so honored and recognized in this wonderful Community Service Award!

    This is such a blessing. Knowing the Community is on our side in our struggles to keep our dear home alive and well, to save the living philosophy of A.T. White in every way, which vitally includes the Courtyard and the big, friendly giant trees out here – as I look out now on a windy March day, the sun is beaming on them, and the graceful branches wave back to me, their way of “smiling” perhaps –

    More days, years of hope ahead, thanks to the care and help of good neighbors.

  • Amanda Tree

    A special salute to the wonderful Brooklyn Heights Association, Bill Ringler, great Guru of of The Riverside Tenant’s Association, Frank Ciaccio, a brilliant lawyer and neighbor, Jean Campbell, a thoughtful and astute long time resident of Riverside Buildings, and the perceptive and erudite Karl Junkersfeld and all the other good angels!

  • william

    A correction of fact shown in the video. There are 12, 120-year-old trees in the courtyard that were planted by AT White in 1890, not the reported 14 trees of 75 years in age. The present 12 trees are shown in early photographs from the early 1900s.

    The RTA is also being represented by DHCR Specialists: Steve Dobkin, attorney, and Jon Lilienthal from the Tenant Law firm of Collins Dobkin Miller, besides the pro bono work with Mr. Frank Ciaccio.

  • bklyn20

    This is a wonderful building full of a great people. Cheers to Bill and everyoine in the neighborhood who are helping to keep it safe.