Siggy’s Gets Sidewalk Cafe Approval.. For Now

This NYC DCA notice posted in the window of Siggy’s Good Food on Henry Street proclaims the eatery is good to go with its sidewalk seating until at least May 1.  The restaurant shut down unexpectedly a couple of weeks ago presumably over this issue.

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  • Heightsman

    Anyone else believe the shutting was something else entirely? We shall see….

  • Y

    I am not quite clear either on why the shutdown is/was pending an approval for a sidewalk cafe.

    Unexpected reasons can be many things, not necessarily related to any activities around the City or DOH.

  • xochi

    if you operate an outdoor cafe without a license, the DCA can shut you down. they can & do padlock establishments.

    siggy’s got away rent free, for how long?

  • epc

    I don’t remember the year but Siggy’s went through some sort of process to get approval for sidewalk seating, maybe 2005 or 2006? It is odd that they would close the restaurant over this, were people eating outside in February?

  • David on Middagh

    @epc: I want Siggy’s to succeed. That said, the outdoor chairs seemed to multiply, and take over the sidewalk during the balmy season. Perhaps some limit was transgressed?

  • xochi

    the license is for two calendar years, the fees are paid annually, up to four installments. you are renting & insuring the square footage, from the city; square footage, market value.

    if it’s about the success of a business, then they shouldn’t gamble. if there is an adjacent vestibule, or how about a fire escape, should siggy’s or any, place seating there because people like to sit outside – and increase their business at no cost, with additional liabilities?