NY1 Looks at Love Lane Mews

NY1 reports on the Love Lane Mews Condos:

NY1: “It lies in between two major streets — Henry and Hicks — and you really don’t know it exists unless you peek down and are willing to take that little walk down Love Lane,” said Realtor Richard Cantor of Cantor and Pecorella Inc.
Now a new condominium complex nestled on Love Lane is on the market. But what’s new in this landmark area needs to look old. That was the condition imposed by the city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission for approving the project. Developers say it was a challenge to turn the four different buildings that were used as parking garages until just four years ago into luxury housing while restoring its 19th century facade.

“We had to bring them back to their historic state. Built in 1890 to 1920, each one of them a different aesthetic, a different style so you’ll see that there are new brick arches and new doorways which are more reminiscent of what it was originally than as opposed to 2007 when we started the job,” said Zucker Organization Developer Bob Esnard.

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  • Historian

    It’s not a lane, it’s an alley.