84th Precinct Police Blotter – 2/1/11

bugleblotter-300x1711 Shoes stolen, jewels stolen, and I’ll be presenting on the Brooklyn accent here tonight. It’s this week’s blotter.

So I was pickpocketed last week at the Spring St. station. (Physician, heal thyself!) I noticed right away and luckily, given my financial status, I had almost no cash in my wallet. But the horrifying part was my driver’s license was gone. And for those of you who’ve had to deal with the DMV, you will understand when I say I would’ve rather lost $1,000 than my driver’s license. At any rate, I tell this story not only because this week’s blotter is brief, but because my story has a happy ending—Friday evening I received an email with the subject line “Your driver’s license.” “No freakin’ way …” I thought. Apparently the Greatest Human in the World found my license in the snow and tracked me down; my license and I were reunited Sunday morning, and damn it felt good.

One of the blotter reports has a happy ending, too. (Quelle segue!) On Tuesday afternoon at Red Cross Place and Adams St., a 50-year-old woman was mugged by a perp who pulled a knife and took her engagement ring, earrings and wallet. But the 54-year-old thief was soon apprehended with the goods and a little bit of marijuana for good measure.

Another robbery happened around midnight on Tuesday. A 14-year-old boy was exiting the Dekalb station when he sensed someone following him. Just then a thug punched the boy in the face and chased him down the street, finally catching him and pulling out a boxcutter. The victim gave up his cell phone but was not harmed any further. The thief remains at large.

A few hours later, the door to a home on Livingston St. was pried open and 19K worth of jewelry and electronics were stolen.

Another high-price robbery happened on Cranberry St. Saturday night, after a thief or thieves made off with cash and laptops totaling $4,600.

NOS (rhymes with “gloss”) Boutique in Dumbo was robbed Wednesday night after closing time. Around 6K worth of shoes and handbags were taken.

Another shoe incident occurred at the Payless on Fulton St. A customer walked in complaining about the price of shoes, then pulled out a pair of scissors and cut a store employee in the neck before running off.

I am geographically challenged, so maybe someone can help me with this one: A man called his insurance company after he claimed his car caught fire on the corner of Hicks and Cadman Plaza West on Sunday night. The insurers told him to leave the car and they would pick it up; they later reported they could not find the car. Might that be because Hicks and Cadman Plaza West don’t intersect?

Finally, a drummer who fell asleep in a cab got a rude awakening after a thug opened the door and started rifling through his pockets. When the creepy perp wouldn’t stop, the drummer ran out and the cab took off, with the drums and cymbals still in the trunk. And that’s this week’s blotter. Hey, I guess it wasn’t so brief after all.

Oh and in case you missed it, I’ll be here tonight. Come out in the freezing rain, it’ll totally be worth it.

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  • bornhere

    Heather — At the very (very) end of Hicks, the street sort of curves around and meets with Old Fulton/Cadman Plaza West. That portion of Hicks (just before the BQE off-ramp) is also a a great place to park if you love to interact with your car insurance rep….

  • nabeguy

    Glad you got your ID back Heather. I had a similar incident occur after a mugging many years ago on 12th Street in the city. My wallet turned up two days later in the back alley of the Village Vanguard, who tracked me down. I not only recovered my wallet and most of my ID, but got to meet the legendary Max Gordon as well.

  • beth

    anyone know what happened re: the Cranberry robbery?