Marty Connor Supported Congestion Pricing, But Didn’t Tell Anyone

The New York Observer’s Azi Paybarah shot this recent Democratic debate between NY State Senator Martin “Marty” Connor and Daniel “The Kid” Squadron. While Squadron seems to field questions in an open, friendly and transparent manner, Marty is… well… being Marty. Oh, and he supported congestion pricing, but didn’t tell anybody. Take the BHB NYS Senate primary poll now.   After the jump the full debate featuring  the candidates asking each other questions  and their fiery closing statements.

Streetsblog: While fielding a question about protecting marine life, Connor launches into a defense of his environmental record. Slightly after the four-minute mark, he serves up this gem: “Congestion pricing — I supported it. I didn’t tell anybody; I didn’t take a position on it. I supported it.” Ah, so that’s how lawmakers “support” bills tailor-made to benefit the vast majority of their constituents — by keeping their thoughts to themselves until it’s too late to actually influence the course of events.

Here’s the debate in its entirety:

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