Sink the Pink? NYT on Hard Sell for 29 Grace Court, Others in Brooklyn

The NY Times ponders the recent price reduction of 29 Grace Court. The piece also mentions that as prices of NYC real estate in general dip, buyers for high end Brooklyn properties are harder to find including for the Grace Court home, 70 Willow Street and 160 Henry Street.

NY Times: Some people have speculated that a town house at 29 Grace Court in Brooklyn Heights on the market for $5.95 million is not selling because it is too pink.

Granted, the walls, the ceiling and the window moldings in the enormous parlor of the four-family home are covered in a bright shade of bubble gum. And after the price was reduced from $6.2 million this month, a reader on the Web site declared in a post: “Beautiful interior bones. Want to sell? Hear these four words … Ben Moore Super White.”

The property, first listed four months ago, could well be overpriced (and overpink), but that is not long these days for a listing in Brooklyn in that price range.

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  • elaine comstock-leirer

    my first recollection of colour in that room was a creamy beige with applied gold leaf accents…….some time ago.