Were You Obama’s Neighbor?

Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama lived in Brooklyn Heights as previously reported. Obama told the Brooklyn Paper:

“I don’t remember the exact address,” he added, referring to his Park Slope home, where he is believed to have lived for about a year-and-a-half. “Then, I subletted for about three months in Brooklyn Heights, near the Promenade. On Sunday mornings, there was a bagel shop near the subway station, and I would go there and pick up a coffee and New York Times.”

So, did you live near Obama during his magical three months here in Brooklyn Heights? Where will the “Barack Slept Here” plaque pop up right after Inauguration Day?

Flickr photo by CLWinter

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  • Andrew Porter

    He’s obviously talking about Bagel Lady on Clark Street, so it was likely the North Heights. Small universe!

  • http://www.korlapundit.com Korla Pundit

    It’s not that he’s a liar. It’s that he lies for no real reason.

    Did you ever live someplace for more than a year and not remember your address, or even the street you lived on?

    What a crock. Every subway station has a place nearby to buy a bagel and the Times.

  • James

    In 2007, according to the Brooklyn Paper (see above), enthralled Heights resident “Daphne” made the following observation regarding Obama: ” This is the first time in my adult life I thought there was a chance to be proud of being American again.” Hmmmmm. Sounds vaguely familiar. She must have gotten refreshed at Michelle’s Kool – Aid stand.

  • bornhere

    I’m sure he remembers where he lived; but I’m also sure that there’s nothing to be gained by alerting reporters (“So what music did he play at 3 AM?”) and others to the whereabouts of his former (and brief) digs.

  • homer fink

    stay on topic please

  • Yeswecan

    Is one of you the person on Hicks who still has that Hillary sign in the window? Now, it happens that I find political memorabilia a fun collectors item, but you need to let it age a bit. Either that or someone’s getting a jump on 2012.

    The Obama campaign has also made me proud of this country. When you see people rallying behind McCain’s pro-imperialist agenda or Lurleen Clinton’s deseparation campaign, it makes you wonder, though.

  • Kris
  • HDEB

    Kris: Watch out. I posted a link to a schedule of events about the B’klyn bridge anniversary celebrations and it was deleted because it wasn’t on topic (though for some reason the ? that elicited my response was not deleted)
    Isn’t a thread on a blog an open forum for an exchange of (albeit often disorganized and disjointed) thoughts?
    I believe the only comments on a thread that should be deleted are those which are grossly offensive, though everyone has the right to run their blog as they see fit.
    I appreciate the hard work the hosts put in to maintaining this site.

  • georgia otter mannerino

    Korla–You are so wrong. Clark Street no longer has a bagel shop now that the Gristede’s burned.


    I, frankly am pleased as punch that the President lived in my neighborhood for three months. If I ever have the honor of meeting him and he asks me where I am from I will tell him and he will know EXACTLY where I mean and I think that that is neat! No President before him would have known exactly where I meant.