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194 columbia heights photo by brownstoner

Everyone who read the BHA Spring newsletter a couple of weeks ago was buzzing about the “abandoned house” article. Today, Brownstoner covers each of the decaying Heights Horrors and provides a little detail:

Brownstoner: Dereliction of Duty: The “majestic brownstone” at 194 Columbia Heights, “vacant and padlocked for decades,” is owned by a psychiatrist with an office on Henry Street who did not return our calls…

The multi-family building known as 100 Clark Street nearly collapsed in 2004, according to the Brooklyn Eagle, and is still in miserable shape. The Penson Company bought the building for $3.65 million two years ago and has since put it back on the market …

Quaint 25 Willow Place has been vacant for over 40 years, according to the newsletter, adding “The house may soon be a candidate for Demolition by Neglect, a provision of the NYC Landmarks Law that allows the Commission to take an owner to court in order to save a landmarked building from irreparable deterioration.”

There’s only one person who can shame these folks into fixing up their property. And that friends is Arnold Diaz. Yes.  Mr. Shame on You:

194 Columbia Heights photo by Brownstoner

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  • No One Of Consequence

    Funny how the photo seems to show a garbage can (not over-flowing) and a city planter with fresh blue flowers in it.

  • Buddy

    True, Heights folks, particularly on Columbia Heights, are kooks. Real people live in Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens.

  • sarah

    arnold diaz!!!

  • Andrew Porter

    100 Clark Street, aka 1 Monroe Place, is again in danger. If you stand at the corner of the property in the intersection, you’ll be amazed how much of the Clark Street side of the building you can see. That’s because the top floor and the roof portion are *Bowing Out* by several inches, at least. Not to be outdone, if you look at the entrance on Clark Street under the sidewalk shed scaffold, you’ll notice that the entire wall to the right of the entrance, and the right side of the entrance itself, is also bowing out. Indeed, there is a several inch deep crack visible at eye level in the entranceway. This is Dangerous. Incredibly, there are still people living in the building. How many will have to die before something is done about this property?

  • Carol Gardens

    Buddy, we have the same problem in Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens, including the corner building on Henry St near the hospital with stray cats in residence and the now infamous rat/squirrel house on Kane. Park Slope has the “Baby Doll Boutique” on Seventh Ave. There seems to be no penalty involved in neglecting these properties. Often, if they are demolished, that’s what the owners were hoping for in the first place.

  • jed

    25 Willow Place is up for sale for $2.4 million. It must be pretty scary (good timing for Halloween!) because they won’t even let you in the door to look without an engineer. Here’s Corcoran’s description (id #1402000):

    “This is a real fixer-upper. It is a great house on a wonderful block that need a gut renovation. This is the opportunity to have exactly what you want. No need to pay for someone else’s renovation, you can start from scratch. I have a complete engineer’s report so you will have a good idea what it will take to have the home of your dreams. I can only show you the inside if you are accompanied by an engineer. Call for more information. “

  • karen

    25 willow has been sold.

  • Will

    How do you know 25 Willow was sold??????/

  • karen

    I contacted the realtor’s office and they told me it was sold, however, when I got in touch the realtor listing the home she said it was still available.