Latte War in Brooklyn Heights

Curbed reports today on a tussle between a latte drinker and garbage can owner. Seems the garbage can person is miffed that the latte drinker has tossed not one but two half finished lattes in their trash. Well we’ll let the note they left do the talking:

Is the coffee container yours?

The slovenly person who has been tossing his or her half consumed coffee into our garbage pail obliges us to wash the milky residue out with hot soapy water and dump it down the sewer. This we had to do twice in the past week.

In the future, pour your leftover latte into the sewer across the street and place the empty containter in the public trash pail provided for such purposes.

Well at least the note wasn’t scrawled with a Cornflower Blue Crayola.

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  • jio d.

    use a garbage bag.

  • http://BrooklynHeightsBlog Karl

    Latte drinking elistist. Go McCain.

  • not your super

    Wooohooo, thanks for your offer to come to my house and clean up all the junk that people toss into my garbage cans after the sanitation workers have emptied them. Very decent of you to give something back, unlike all of the freeloaders who think my garbage cans clean themselves. By the way, don’t mind me the next time I toss some trash into your lobby – after all, your super will clean it up.