More on New Eatery in Busy Chef Space

The folks at the Brooklyn Paper used “reporting skills” and called the owner of Bevacco, the new eatery slated to open in the cursed Corner of Cranberry/Busy Chef space at 60 Henry Street. What did they find out? He’s no crook, actually runs 3 successful restaurants and he has no ties to the previous band of misfits who ran a series of flops there over the years. The bad news is you’ll have to wait about six months for it to open.

Brooklyn Paper: The “new guy” is Peter Sclafani, who already runs three successful restaurants in Park Slope and Gowanus: Bar Toto, Provini and Bar Tano. Sclafani said that Bevacco will serve similar Italian fare — without any ties to Kaufman or his shadowy lawyer Alan Young, whom Kaufman and other Brooklyn Heights business owners have accused of victimizing them by reopening and closing restaurants in the same locations.

Sclafani isn’t looking for drama.

“We’re not cursed and we’re not fraudsters,” Sclafani told us. “This is an attractive corner and our friends say that the neighborhood could use a nice Italian eatery with some fine wines.”

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  • Brooklyngersh

    “Reporting skills”? Is that some kind of euphemism, Homer? I assure you, Andy Campbell’s skills are not limited to “reporting.”


  • Heightser

    We could use a great restaurant but something other than Italian please¡ River Deli, Noodle Pudding, Queen. We have enough Italian¡

  • tb

    Good reviews on his other places. My biggest hope… a little atmosphere. THAT is what this neighborhood is missing.

  • SeeKay

    Bar Toto has FANTASTIC burgers – I hope they’ll be on the menu at this spot!

  • Topham Beauclerk

    River Deli is decidedly mediocre. A good new Italian restaurant will always be welcome.

  • Karl Junkersfeld
  • PJL

    Sounds perfect!

  • Andy “Reporting Skills” Campbell

    Thanks for reading Homes!

  • Anonymous

    WHAT? I love River Deli. What’s mediocre about it?

  • Heightser

    I love River Deli too! I’ve never heard a negative comment about it.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    What’s mediocre about River Deli? Why, the food of course. The evening I went I had a grilled tuna steak rare. It was heavily oversalted – an infallible sign of a bad chef – and the chef’s idea of rare was to leave a bit of the middle cold.

    The ambience was also disgreeable. First, the waitress was in a sleeveless dress in order to show off two full arms of tattoos – what the tattoo-wearing classes call a sleeve. Second, the benches have no backs which people above the age of 35 would undoubtedly find uncomfortable – certainly my companion did. Third, the music is too loud for such a small room.

    I won’t be going again.

  • Tony

    Allow me to second Topham. The pasta special was tough and bland. The asparagus appetizer was bitter. The only thing I liked was the wine.

  • Jack

    Hope it lives up to the quality of the restaurants on those couple of blocks Of Henry Street (not including, of course, Bread & Butter).