Open Thread: Garbage Pick Up? Not Yet, How About You?

Remember the wonderful news that garbage pick up would happen today? Ah! The anticipation… the EXCITEMENT!! And now, much like the way the British music press used and abused Oasis back in the 90s, the DSNY has toyed with our expectations. As of this writing, there’s still a mountain of garbage in Brooklyn Heights.  How’s by you?

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  • Eddy de Lectron

    Realistic New Years Resolutions:

    1. Gain 10 Pounds.
    2. Drink more alcohol.
    3. Start smoking.
    4. Watch more mindless TV.
    5. Forget the “meaningful relationship” and have more anonymous sex.
    6. Work less.
    7. Start a gambling habit.
    8. Go into debt.
    9. Seek comfort with narcotics.
    10. Post more stupid crap on social internet sites.

  • bhb

    Nope, no garbage pick up yet. It’s BS.

  • ABC

    Yes, we had pick up this evening.

    I think they dropped the ball on some of this, but trash pick up always takes a while after a storm. Not BS

  • fit4u

    in bergen beach, they picked up one side of the street but not the other. i kid u not. of course it was not my side.

  • nabeguy

    Eddy, I have only one comment on your resolutions…#10 should be #1…all the rest will follow.

  • nabeguy

    fit4u, please tell me it was the water view side.

  • Heightsman

    Just saw them on Henry….north end.

  • Peter

    They picked up all of Grace Court Alley around 7pm. Thanks for working late!

  • nabeguy

    As of 8;45 AM, still waiting. Maybe nobody bothered to tell them that the limo was moved from Moddagh Street.

  • lcd

    8:00 this morning, garbage truck on promenade end of Montague. Recycling still out – the pent up consumer demand for flat screen TV’s in evidence!

  • cat

    Picked up Clinton St. last night.

  • carla

    Midwood Brooklyn still no garbage pick up as of this morning

  • bay ridge mom

    no garbage pick up here in bay ridge – – as i listen to commissioner of trash, say with bloomie “everyone had atleast one pick up, we’re working on a second”