Garbage In, Garbage Out

Despite the promise of the Department of Sanitation that “limited” garbage collection would resume today after a week’s suspension, (trucks are reportedly still out plowing snow) a walk around Brooklyn Heights this evening suggests that nobody’s trash has been picked up since this morning. No Sanitation trucks were seen driving around BH streets, and garbage bags are piled everywhere, along with bags of recycling items which are not being collected yet, as well as the odd Christmas tree, which won’t be picked up for another week or two. The Brooklyn Heights Association has been helpful in providing its members with updates on the trash collection situation, but so far, the Sanitation Department doesn’t seem to have rediscovered Brooklyn.

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  • Vincent P.

    Take your time sanitation, just be sure the streets are clean of snow for the children going back to school. Thank you for the great job. Mother Nature is nothing to mess with.

  • ABC

    Our trash hasn’t been picked up, but I have seen garbage trucks and noticed that the cans on the corner have been emptied.

    All in all, pretty reasonable.

  • nabeguy

    Funny, I noticed that the corner cans were being picked up yesterday and thought “WTF”. Admittedly, the corner cans do not contain garbage in hermetically sealed bags (aka, Shoprite flap-tops), but at the same time, what exactly are people throwing in them that earns them precedent over actual kitchen waste? Empty coffee cups? Bad tourists guides? Limousine bumpers? Certainly not anything that could would qualify them as health risks, or even happy-hour buffets for the local rats and raccoons. Bless the DOS…Dumb Overstuffed Suits

  • AEB

    Perhaps the corner cans were emptied first because their waste is “conspicuous,” which is to say, not only visible, but (if my corner can is any indication) full of loose and unattractive refuse, like dog droppings in plastic baggies, soda cans and half-full coffee cups, etc.

    Also they’re “in use” which bagged garbage isn’t.

  • ABC

    please. the corner cans are full of rat food. and if they aren’t picked up, they create a much bigger mess. I was happy to see them cleared

  • Alanna

    Saw a truck on Hicks last night between Clark and Pierrepont picking up bags, albeit s l o w l y. My girlfriend and I smiled at the guys and wished them “good luck”. They laughed and said they would be cleaning up here all night. I suppose that was not the case?

  • frenchbull

    Do we have be so “understanding”?
    There was a snowstorm, which does happen every now and then, and we expect garbage to be picked up-is this asking too much?
    Compassion is great but how about some services.

  • ABC

    We could have quicker trash pick up during snow storms if we had a dedicated snow staff. Of course, that would be very expensive and then you’d complain about the resulting tax increase.

  • ed

    c’mon let’s give our sanitation guys a break, there’s a snowstorm coming and they have to book their broadway show tickets. let’s think about them for once instead of obsessing on snow and garbage and rats and illegal work slow downs causing people to die. our sanitation people have feelings too. if you really want to blame someone, blame ray kelly, our commissioners do and you should too.