Marty Wants to Hear Your Blizzard Related Issues and Problems

This just in from Brooklyn Beep Marty Markowitz:

In the aftermath of the recent storm, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz has received hundreds of calls and emails from constituents frustrated by their attempts to contact 311 and air their concerns. All complaints have been forwarded to the New York City Department of Sanitation. Brooklynites may continue to voice their concerns regarding snow removal by contacting the BP’s office at 718-802-3777 or

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  • Janet

    I called Marty’s office at 4:35 since our street in downtown Brooklyn had not been touched by a snowplow. By 5:35, it had.
    Thanks, Marty!

  • Marta

    Terrible what is going on around Maimonides Hospital, people can’t get around with cars, no taxis are willing to take yo home from work. Where our Tax money is going. Sunday evening Sanitation trucks/drivers were seen around socializing, not doing they job to prevent or ease this disaster. SHAME, SHAME

  • Alaina Paciulli

    In Kensington. 11218 on east 4th street and Beverly we have not seen a plow. All of my neighbors have shoveled their sidewalks and helped stuck cars out of the road. We have done our part (on top of the taxes we pay.) now it is time for the plows to clean up the streets!

  • x

    My wife couldn’t get to work in Maimonides because the trains(N, D, even F/G) were not running and there was no way she could even walk to work. No cars could get there obviously, due to the snow.

  • Jeff Magno

    Mr Markowitz i saw your interview on channel 7 and was touched that u were as mad as most of the rest of us were I live on 84th st in Bensonhurst and since 7am a sanitation truck has been sitting in the middle of my block after calling 311 , channel 7 news , DOT it is 755pm and the truck is still here and no one has come to help us the cross aves are 19th and 20th ave. Please Mr Marowitz help us be able to get out and get to work I cant afford to lose my job..

    Thank you so much for caring ..and find out who dropped the ball in 47yr in Brooklyn have never seen anything like this

    thanks again Sir

  • Ronald Marino

    Dyker Heights was ignored. 65th street is a major thouroughfare and was a parking lot for two days. Local street have still not been plowed on Tuesday night.

  • Roberta

    For all the taxes that we pay it is unreal that we are in this position, All vehicles are stuck,people can’t walk I believe that the mayor cleaned Broadway for the new years eve crowd, and thought nothing to letting the other boroughs suffer. We need to require people park on one side of the street – clean it then have them move to the other side and clean that. Marty I back you a 100%, you will always have my vote.

  • concerned citizen

    Marty should be held accountable for the deplorable state of our streets in Brooklyn. He’s been worthless and I’m surprised that no news outfit has picked up on his many failures.

    I live on a street with a hospital and nursing home, and my street are still not plowed. This morning, I saw a wheelchair bound elderly women fall over in the middle of the street as her caretaker tried to push her across the street.

  • margaret petrano

    i think what they should do is open up the hydrants and let the water clear away the snow when the sun is out i’ve done it in front of my apartment next to the fire hydrant and it is nice and clear. tell me what you think about this and it will not cost the city that much money! they would just have to use the salt once the water washes the snow away…… please reply back to me! thank you for listening to me and i didnt vote for bloomberg!!!!!!!!!

  • Doug Biviano

    Alt. Side Parking regulations still haven’t been canceled for the rest of the week. This is non-sense. Even when the city leadership bungles it, they still can’t find it in themselves to lessen undue hardship on its citizen tax-payers.

    This is in the context of a City Council member talking about declaring a state of emergency, people not being able to get emergency medical care or to work, and Mayor Bloomberg telling people to take in a Broadway show.

  • Pat Williams

    Before any mayor can cut 400 jobs from city essential services an impact study must be done. The mayor knows that the job cuts to the Sanitation Department is why we are in this terrible situation. The same for the MTA executive who stood before us on TV with a cavalier attitude regarding the babies, women and children who were among the 150 people trapped in the cold on the A line with no food water bathroom and heat for more than 10 hours. He was cold and unfeeling toward the potential for loss of life and suffering of people trapped and stranded. He had no real response.No apparent action plan and he should be fired. Those people should have been rescued if not by our services a department that has the ability to serve and protect the people such as the national guard or cost guard. The mayor wants to blame the citizens and fine us at every turn he will not take responsibility for the results of his actions, he only can related to the rich and famous.

  • Marie

    I think that theMayor is more concerned about cleaning around the area of Times Square to get ready for New Years Eve. When he wanted to be re-elected he came to Brooklyn, Queens etc because he needed us-doesn’t need us anymore, so no one comes around.
    Thank you Marty for really caring because in Windsor Terrace no snow plows.

  • lori

    Why blame the city? Why not blame the idiots who tried to drive their cars (without snow tires or chains)? Everyone should use a little sense in these situations!

  • Marc Zuckerman

    Ocean Parkway service roads have not been plowed! 18th Ave, a major road has not been plowed & there were 3 abandoned snow plows on East 5th St & 18th Ave, plus two B8 Buses. Sanitation is having a “quiet” work slowdown to punish the Mayor for the layoffs & recent demotions. So we, the Brooklyn Taxpayers are caught in middle. Its odd how the Mayor acts like all is fine & the plows are working. Its either denial OR only Manhattan counts. Heads should roll at Sanitation. Union heads too! It is they who called for a “slowdown” . Marty…..Brooklyn demands an investigation into this slowdown!

  • ujh

    A deliberate slow-down by unionized public sanitation workers is not implausible. Markowitz touched upon this possibility, and at least one reporter asked the question at the Mayor’s press conference. Public-sector unions have this city and its populace by the throat.

  • Kenneth

    I live in Canarsie and have yet to see plows on any of the side streets or avenues. What plows I do see are not plowing just driving. W had to dig ourselves out so we could get to work. The only street clear is in front of the DOT. I called the number Marty gave and was transferred to someone on vacation, what a big help. The sanitation should not get paid, they did nothing.

  • william

    Everyone knows Bloomie hates Brooklyn. And likewise. Wasn’t Brooklyn the only boro that Bloomie didn’t carry for his 3rd term?

    The little weasel is getting his sweet revenge.

  • Pat Williams

    Thank God we have a Borough President like Marty who has a heart and will stand up for Brooklyn residents. Progress is being made and new solutions need to follow in the days ahead so people lives are not at stake because of a snow storm. On my block everyone pitched in and helped each other dig out so did many New Yorkers. That’s spirit for the New Year