More on Parking Rules, Snow Removal

Notify NYC gives us the news that alternate side parking rules and parking meter requirements are suspended again tomorrow, Wednesday, December 29, “to facilitate snow removal.”

As to the removal of the white stuff in Community District 2 (which includes Brooklyn Heights), we’ve received the following:

DSNY anticipates receiving two more front loaders from Manhattan by noon. The additional equipment will join two front loaders, 30 standard plows, and a small number of V-plows already in operation [in CD 2].

With the additional equipment, DSNY expects to plow almost every street in the district at least once by this evening. Love Lane and College Place, the only “tertiary” streets in the district, will most likely be plowed overnight.

In addition to other duties, the front loaders will be used to remove snow around vehicles stuck in the streets, allowing the city and private contractors to tow those vehicles, focusing first on immobile ambulances. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has invited private equipment owners and operators to contact the city if they are available for snow removal and towing.

As announced yesterday, if you see a street that needs plowing or salt please report it to 311 or

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  • Pineapple St Guy

    I’m driving in from PA right now. Is driving too BH an option right now or should we stay with friends in the burbs and attempt to reach Brooklyn Heights tomorrow?

  • Pineapple St Guy

    ApparentY I don’t the difference between to and too either…Whoops.

  • RobtN

    Don’t know if you’re here already, but most of the streets seem to have at least one pass by the plows now. Grace Court Alley is still un-plowed, and not sure about Grace Court.

    Cheers, Rob’t

  • Very Stressed Out

    All the 311 calls and emails. Claims by the city regarding street being plows are false and believe only rich neighborhood are being plowed. Looking at West 2nd Street of Brooklyn and all other local street in the areas between Quintin Road and Kings Highways the snow on the road are building up to 4ft high and for the past two days not even one City Plower even showed up in the area.
    This is how our city collect our lower class people taxes and not helping us out so we can go to work and support our family.

  • heightsguy

    Perhaps they are setting up Clark St. as a diorama of a penguin habitat for PS 8 students! That’s the only explanation I can think of!

  • x

    I swear it’s possible riots might happen with the lack of snow plowing..

    People cannot go to work and cannot provide for their families.

  • LividinBrooklyn

    Not sure that dispatch was even remotely correct. A day later and Carroll Gardens remains completely unplowed. X, let me know where the riot is taking place, please. I’ll put on my snowshoes, sled through the streets and join in the protest. Disgraceful.