Channel 7 Talks to Owner of Snow Plowed Auto

WABC-TV spoke to the owner of one of the cars smashed by city sanitation workers towing a plow yesterday at Hicks and Joralemon Streets, who asked to remain anonymous.  Why?  Seems like she fears retribution by angry sanitation workers.

The report (watch video after the jump) also claims that Brooklyn Heights resident who shot the video is “in hiding” – which is funny since he’s spoken to the NY Post.

The Post also reports that the SUV in damage is owned by the city.

Meanwhile, Mayor Bloomberg is reportedly not too happy that the video was taken and has gone viral.  However he said this afternoon that the city will probably have to pay up for the damage.  “I’ll leave it to the lawyers but I assume we probably are responsible if our plow hits them. I don’t know any reason why we wouldn’t be, but it’s a question for our lawyers and if you talk to our lawyer department, they’d be happy to give you an answer to that.”

NY1 adds that a Department of Sanitation spokesperson is “not sure” if a claim for damages had been filed.

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    Why is the video poster getting death threats??