Blizzard of 2010 Omnibus

Mr. Junkersfeld hits the snowy streets of Brooklyn Heights and returns with this Blizzard of  2010 omnibus.  Watch it after the jump.

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  • Shelley Roberts

    How’s this one for being trapped by the snowstorm of 2010? I am “stuck” here in London having had my flight canceled this past Sunday in anticipation of the storm. The first flight out I could get back is this Saturday. Aw…I know, I know I shouldn’t be “crying” but to tell you the truth all the images I’m looking at on BHB and from friends make me wish that I was back on Remsen Street, at the very least, so I could take a photo with the once-stranded-now freed-yellow taxi. Wishing you all a quicker plowing and ferchrissakes make sure those runways at JFK are cleared!

  • AEB

    Lovely work, Karl, as usual. But I think I’d prefer to see it when the event is just a memory. Next July, perhaps?

  • lois

    Thanks for the video, Karl. That was quite a walk in the snow. Glad Clark’s was open so you could have a little respite before venturing home again.

  • milo

    The melancholy music blends well with the white stuff in the background. It makes me long so much for the wintry days in the midwest. Thanks a lot for posting Mr. Junkersfeld.