Maybe Yassky Will Retrieve Taxi Stuck in Snow?

BHB pal/Brooklyn Heights resident/Celine Dion fan Chuck Taylor writes about an abandoned cab on Remsen Street today.  Maybe TLC commish/King of Joralemon Street David Yassky will retrieve it himself:

Cabbie stuck in good (for good?) at the corner of Montague Terrace and Remsen Street [at] 4:30 this afternoon. Abandoned, bless his heart.

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  • Andrew Porter

    Hope the meter’s not still running…

  • Tarekp

    Upon walking back from a tour of the promenade, the cab driver and a bud were working on getting her started…

    This video was before that:

  • David on Middagh

    The headline inspires poesy:

    Yakkers to Yaski:
    Taxis can’t taxi!
    They sank.

    Can’t ya task the fix
    to the cannier yankers?
    Not the wankers!

    Y’ask the techs of taxi yanking
    to pull the Ranks o’ Yellow
    (plus a maxi limo)
    from the banks.