Little Blue Houses in Brooklyn Heights

Mellencamp should just rewrite his 80s anthem “Pink Houses” right now — to “Blue Houses”. Okay, we’re talking multi-million dollar homes so the whole working class hero thing would be out the window. But you get the point… right?

Anywho… it seems that the folks who write about real estate regularly in this nutty town are plotzing over the fact that there are at least TWO BLUE HOUSES for sale in Brooklyn Heights right now. We all know that one is Nabeguy’s Middagh Street pad. The other blue home is 69 Willow Street:

NY Observer: Nestled between Orange and Pineapple streets, this eight-bedroom, $5.7 million townhouse is a soothing five-story gem spanning over 5,000 square feet. The ground floor can be converted into a separate apartment, and the fourth floor is just begging for a terrace. Basked in tranquil blue, 69 Willow Street is an ideal choice for those looking to draw the shades at a different kind of home.

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  • AEB

    Gosh–thanks so much for the info, area. I mean, who knew?

  • Demonter

    Used to live next door…gorgeous North Heights block.

  • Rona Critic

    What’s wrong withblue?? It alleviates the boring homogeneity of brown, brown, and more brown. And, furthermore, it happens to be a nice shade of colonial blue.

  • Demonter

    71 Willow Street used to be a drab gray until the layers of paint were sandblasted away during renovation. The original brick facade is much nicer now.

  • Andrew Porter

    60 Pineapple was a horrible black with the lintels and window glass painted white, until the mid-70s renovation, which uncovered the gorgeous brick underneath.