Blue Christmas: Buy Nabeguy’s House

We stumbled upon this post on Curbed and realized that it appears one of our super-commenters is ready to fly the coop:

Curbed: They just keep coming! Here’s another blue townhouse in Brooklyn Heights. This clapboard Greek Revival house on Middagh Street in North Brooklyn Heights is just over 3,000 square feet and on the market for $3,600,000. The house is 25×30 feet (with a 6 foot extension) but the lot stretches out 100 feet to include the garden and an adjacent 25×21 foot lot with room for up to 3 cars. The house itself looks like it’s in nice condition. The only thing we would change is that carpeting. What do you guys think? Is the price right?

It’s listed at Brown Harris Stevens and there’s an Open House today (Sunday 12/19) until 2pm.

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  • Help

    who knew your commenters were so wealthy? hey, nabeguy, do you have a few bucks to lend me?

  • AEB

    nabe! Quo vadis?

  • Demonter

    I predict a quick sale in early 2011.

  • Jorale-man

    I can’t imagine BHB without Nabeguy. Is he leaving the neighborhood or just moving within? Nice digs anyway.

  • Robin

    Way way crazy expensive for a little wooden house.

  • nabeguy

    Help-not until I sell the place
    AEB-great movie
    Demonter-fingers crossed
    Jorale-man-BHB will survive without me…the reverse is an open question.
    Robin-apparently, you know nothing about Heights nests

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    I had the pleasure of baby sitting this house for a few days and just entering and exiting made me feel aristocratic. It is truly a magnificent house with a garden that is incredible thanks to his wonderful wife.

    I only have $3.5 sitting in my checking account so i’ll just have to pass. A great deal for whoever buys this truly one of a kind house on a one of a kind block.

  • EHinBH

    Can you build on the lot?

  • HeightsGuy

    Beautiful house. With that rare commodity in Brooklyn Heights (i.e., parking and for 3 cars!), this house has a good chance of getting close to ask. Of course, the house down the street on MIddagh between Hicks and Willow — a nicer block — had a hard time selling in the mid-3s. Nabeguy, I wish you luck. It’s a great house and likely worth close to your ask, but the only one that matters to is not me or anyone else on this blog, but to the potential buyers.

  • HeightsGuy

    btw, the house down the street was also a frame structure with clapboard exterior. It recently sold and its asking at the time was $3.25 mln. Not sure how it stacks up against Nabeguy’s house in terms of set-up and charm. I saw it during the Heights House Tour and thought that house lacked character because it was completed gut renovated. Nabeguy’s house has more character (from the pics) and is more of a house one would expect to find in the Heights.

  • AEB

    Hey, nabe, just looked at the pic above, and until then could’ve sworn the house had a westerly wall, which was always been visible from my bedroom.

    Will the wall be restored for a buyer?

  • x

    Nice place. You can go out with a nice chunk of change afterwards.

    Where are you moving to?

  • Tb

    What a beautiful house. Just the other day we were wondering what it was like inside. Wish we could take it off your

  • davoyager

    I knew that eclipse of the moon portended something but I didn’t realize just how much cataclysmic change was in the offing.
    Good luck guy. I know of some Wall St. types who’s bonuses will just about cover that.

  • bhmom

    Just curious, how exactly could you tell from the Curbed post that this house belonged to an anonymous poster on this site?

  • CrankyOne

    Boy would I like to have that house. Holy cow is it gorgeous. Oh well, champagne tastes – beer budget here…. :-(

  • nabeguy

    bhmom, Homer knows everything. Thank you all for your encouragement…this was not an easy decision to make, as I love the Heights and the family homestead that I’ve lived in off and on for all of my life.

  • Homer Fink

    @bhmom – you forget that there’s also something called “real life”.

  • Publius

    The BHB is just one big Trojan Horse that once accessed, transmits back to Homer’s batcave complete information about your grooming habits, full demographic information, and survaillence of your day-to-day proclivities. He has a special arrangment with Julian Assage to then publish this highly secretive information at a date and time of his choosing!


  • nabeguy

    Publius, otherwise known as Finkileaks

  • lcd

    Nabeguy, good luck – I’ll miss your posts, though you’ll still post, right? Are you leaving town? (not to be too nosy, but I kind of feel like I know you!)

  • Homer Fink

    We’ll just start a blog wherever he moves.

  • David on Middagh

    Ah, shoot. Hate to lose some of the Middagh St. contingent. Best of luck, Nabeguy!


    I think that in honor of ongoing events, the blog should have a new subtitle for a while.

  • Ben

    I like the carpeting it reminds me of my mothers house back in the day. I suspect this house is priced correctly and his broker Brian L. has a reputation of integrity and NOT just another sleazbag Brooklyn Heights RE Salesperson and so I think it will sell carpeting and all.

    Good luck Nabeguy.


  • Private First Class

    Very tasteful decorations, and, no offense intended, not at all what I expected. Nothing personal, but a vision of blog commenters suggests a dark basement, with dirty clothes strewn about,and an old computer, perhaps a Commodore 64, lying around with a black light poster, and a bare bulb. But maybe that’s just me (and my living situation).

    i do note, however, that there is no photo of Nabeguy’s computer lair where he composes witty bon mots, or dastardly entendres, and other confusing words. Perhaps the trap door is hidden in one of the pictures, sort of like the DaVinci Code.

  • Cranberry Beret

    The frame house further up Middagh Street had a hard time selling in the mid-3s because the owner originally listed at $4.2 million! Sometimes that kind of aggressive pricing works but in this case I think it backfired and the house suffered a year of price cuts before going into contract. Not to mention that it’s set up as a double duplex which IMHO isn’t very desirable to the kind of person who’s going to plunk down 3 or 4 million. I think if it had been renovated as a regular two-family like this house (rental on the garden level only) or a single-family, it would have gotten offers at least higher up in the mid-3s – which is where this house is priced. I never saw the inside but I doubt the contemporary renovation was its biggest problem in selling quickly.
    Good luck nabeguy. Maybe you can trade up to the house with the squash court on Cranberry.

  • Eddy de Lectron

    Nabe, Where is better than here?

  • nabeguy

    Eddy, when I get there, I’ll be sure to invite you.
    PFC, thanks for the compliments regarding the decor, but I owe that all to my wife. The BHB has been, and will remain to be, an important thread that runs through my life, but she has always been the golden one that’s kept me out of that basement.

  • p

    hey nabeguy, where are you moving to (what neighborhood)

  • Alanna

    what a beautiful home! I wish I wish I wish it could be mine ;)