Thanks to Great Neighbors Working Together, Brooklyn Heights’ Joe Dec Will Rest in Peace

Last week reported on the death of Clinton Street resident Joe Dec and the subsequent search by concerned neighbors for any living relatives and their desire to give him a proper burial.

We’re happy to report that the attorney for Mr. Dec’s co-op has contacted BHB and neighbor Jim Murray, who brought the issue to our attention, with some good news.

Alan Friedman, attorney the co-op, tells us that the Brooklyn Public Administrator’s office was immediately contacted by them on Mr. Dec’s behalf. While Dec had no living relatives in the U.S., his friends alerted them about his burial wishes to be placed in a family plot next to his brother and mother at Calvary cemetery. Mr. Friedman adds that they were also told about “arrangements he had made as a Navy veteran for his burial, all of which were passed along to the Brooklyn Public Administrator’s office.”

Mr. Dec is a native of Poland, but it’s believed that he has no living relatives there. The BPA will be looking into that as well according to Friedman.

Plans for a memorial service are pending.

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  • AEB

    Excellent news! Makes one actually like people. (At least, for as long as I type this.)

  • bklyn20

    Glad to hear of this — thanks.

  • George Earl

    Did anybody come upon a photo of Joe? This might help when it comes to finding and informing people who knew him but had lost touch. I’m sure that we longtime Heights residents would be familiar with him, if by just regular walks on the street. If any photos are sent in, please publish them here. Thanks.

  • Jim Murray

    We are in the process of trying to obtain a photo of Joe. Thank you for mentioning this in your posting.

  • Homer Fink

    We just received word on memorial service for Joe:

    Joe Dec will be buried in Calverton Cemetery on Wednesday at 12 noon. Joe will be buried with full military honors and a priest has been notified and will be present at the burial site.