Wendy’s Windows

BHB photo by C. Scales

Wendy Hooker designs and installs the windows at the Brooklyn Women’s Exchange, at 55 Pierrepont Street (between Hicks and Henry). She has also done windows for Bergdorf Goodman and other prominent Manhattan stores. Her holiday windows are especially charming. (Another photo after the jump.)

BHB photo by C. Scales

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  • An old coworker

    Wendy always had hands of gold. I wondered if she left the nabe because I hadn’t see her in a few years. Such a charming job at the Women’s Exhange. You know how to tempt the public and welcome them in!

  • ClarknHenry

    So true – those windows are ALWAYS inspred! Kudos to Wendy!

  • Rick

    Really beautiful work, Wendy!

  • Mom

    Wendy is so talented and does such a great for the BWE. And just a reminder to all the BWE has lots of beautiful and unique Christmas gifts for everyone on your list!

  • http://www.shootlikeagirlphotography.com Lauren

    I “discovered” Brooklyn Women’s Exchange earlier this year and was pleasantly surprised to find what a wonderful store it is! The window display looks great…

  • wendy the good little witch

    Well I must say that I have a lot of help on these windows, the Brooklyn Women’s Exchange is an all-volunteer organization, and there are many capable hands helping both in the windows and around the shop, since I can’t do that much. On their behalf, thanks for the compliments. But, I should add that since the handcrafts in the shop are so appealing we volunteers don’t have to do much to make the windows attractive.

  • nabeguy

    Wow, Wendy, talented and gracious too. You really are a good little witch.