St. George Dorm Gets Makeover, NY Times Coverage

The NY Times writes about the super-tony million dollar makeover completed earlier this year at the St. George Hotel Dorm at 55 Clark Street. Educational Housing Services hired starchitect Wid Chapman to redo the space. More photos after the jump.

NY Times: The colors are vivid, because “we wanted the space to be graphic and vibrant,” Mr. Chapman said. It must have worked, because, he added, “Boys are suddenly packing the kitchen with frying pans in hand in the morning and evenings, because it’s the hip place to hang out.”

Students bring their own food, pots, pans and dishes from their rooms, and are expected to wash their own dishes. As Kevin Gross, the director of property management for Educational Housing Services, noted: “It would be a difficult process to manage pots and pans and dirty dishes belonging to 1,300 kids.”

The lounge, at 55 Clark Street, was completed in October, at a cost of $1.1 million.

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  • Ben

    Very nice!

  • ClarknHenry

    Beautiful. Now, I just wish we could get them to pick up the trash in front of their building – yep, the entire block. if you’re gonna house that many litter bugs, it’s the very least you can do for the beighborhood. Used to be a crew out there every morning, that happened?

  • Jo

    Very nice. Perhaps they can also stay inside drinking and smoking instead of making a$$es of themselves screaming in the middle of the night. EHS and the students have no respect for those living in this neighbordhood.

  • StudentInClark

    Oh, so THAT is where my housing money has gone? [I first asked myself this question when I moved in, early September]
    Making broad generalizations about the students living in this EHS building is not very fair – the SMALL percentage of idiots who cause trouble outside are a nuisance to us as well, especially those of us with rooms facing Clark Street.
    But sure, now the inside of our building is flashy, great! How about revamping the heating and internet systems next…you know, so they would work properly? That would be nice.

  • 60 Pineapple Resident

    The “outside” garbage is tame compared to the volume and gross-factor of what gets thrown out the dorm windows on the inner courtyard of the building.The number to complain about trash etc. is 347-272-1275. They are pretty responsive when I complain but the day to day maintenance is horrible.

  • Historian

    I heard once that Spencer Tracey used to check himself into the St. George and go on benders. Does anybody know anything about that?

  • nabeguy

    StudentinClark, thanks for that insider view of the situation. Given the overall population of the students in EHS, I concur with your statement that the percentage of rabble-rousers is small and in no way reflects the attitude of most students such as yourself who came here to learn. What do you think should be done to get a handle on this problem? As an off-campus residence, who do you think bears the responsibility of maintaining general order? Do you think that there’s the possibility of internal self-policing among the students residents?

  • Andrew Porter

    This must be where the EHS offices were in the space visible from Clark Street. They have now been relocated around the corner to the first floor space in the white building at the corner of Henry and Pineapple, behind the always-drawn venetian blinds.

    The 55 Clark building was built as a supposed tourist hotel, replacing what burned down in the 1995 fire, before NYU snapped it up. I guess this was supposed to be a restaurant.