Montague Loses a Pear Tree

This morning, reader Candy commented on Open Thread Wednesday that a tree was down on Montague street between Clinton and Henry. Your correspondent resolved to go for a look, but torrential rain and winds gusting to full gale force were an effective deterrent. Around 3:30 p.m., with the weather improved, I went out for a look-see, and found no downed tree (I should, of course, have looked for a fresh stump). Neighboring blog McBrooklyn, however, got photos taken during the short space of time between when the tree was felled by a truck and when firefighters cut it into pieces and removed it. See it here.

From the second photo, it appears that the tree grew roughly in front of Dashing Diva and its soon-to-open competitor.
Photo: McBrooklyn

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  • BigDave

    Does North Star Food Service, or perhaps its insurance company, buy us a new tree?

  • sarah

    If you know who did it, call the city! The company who did it should pay!!

  • cat

    That is just sad.