Open Thread Wednesday 12/1/10

Brooklyn Heights

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  • Teresa

    I recently received word of a mother cat and two younger ones (about 4-5 months old) who need at least temporary, and eventually permanent, homes. I’m working on getting them tested and spayed/neutered, but if you can be a feline foster parent for a cat or two, even for a few days, please let know! Thank you.

  • Heightsman

    What is with the sirens today (wed)….all morning….driving me nuts.

  • Rerunruzbekistan

    We are in need of a local general practitioner. Any suggestions?

  • Mickey

    Rerun: I’ve been with Dr. Robert Alperin (60 Remsen) for the past 7 years. He is skilled at diagnosing and prefers to treat maladies practically before prescribing drugs. I recommend him highly.

  • candy

    This wind is horrible. Another tree down on Montague street between Henry and clinton.

  • dillweed

    Anyone know why we lost the recently restored parking spaces in front of 20 Henry? There are now well marked signs proclaiming No Parking Anytime posted along that block. Very frustrating.

  • DrewB

    Great turnout for last night’s community meeting about alternate funding options to Housing in the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Your next and final opportunity to give input will be :

    Thursday, December 9, 2010, 6pm – 8pm
    St. Francis College*, 180 Remsen Street
    Founders Hall Auditorium, 1st floor

    You can also testify by email to

  • jarbro

    Does anyone have any information about the parking lot at Columbia Heights and Doughty Street? Its the outdoor lot with the sign that says Doughty St Reality Inc.

  • EHinBH

    dillweed: 20 Henry is now back under construction, so I think they have a permit for that space…

    Parking: Just a note that I reccomend if you dont use your car everyday to go to downtown brooklyn. got a space there for 100 bucks a month plus 5 bucks every time you take the car out. it’s a 15 minute walk and well worth the savings. corner of Hoyt and Schermer…

  • nabeguy

    @Rerun, I can highly recommend Dr. Charles Berk on Montague St. I recently switched over to him after 15 years with another GP, and he’s a breath of fresh air. He’s a true “family” practitioner that includes pediatrics.
    jarbro, I think those spaces are pretty much locked up, but I have a neighbor in one of them, so I’ll see if I can find out more about them.

  • jarbro

    @nabeguy – Thanks, I appreciate it!

  • jim

    Has anyone else noticed the tree in front of 10 Monroe Place (near Clark Street) was damaged (limbs broken off) when they put up the scaffolding the other day, seems like they normally build around the trees..but I guess not this time….

  • bhmom

    Did anyone else hear something like a siren, or maybe some sort of ship horn at around 3am, that went on for many minutes in Brooklyn Heights?

  • Bornhere

    @bhmom: It actually woke me up, but, to me, it sounded like the horn of an 18-wheeler or something similar. It seemed to be coming from the BQE, and in my groggy, drama-brain, I imagined some horrific accident, with the driver slumped on the horn (I did hear distant emergency vehicle sirens shortly after). I actually checked Gothamist’s “newsmap” this morning to see if there was some reported event, but nothing was listed. I hope is was nothing serious…

  • Topham Beauclerk

    I can’t agree with Mickey’s assessment of Dr Robert Alperin. I tried him once for a general check-up; his manner suggested that he couldn’t wait to retire. For the past five years, I’ve been very happily using Dr Lester Salwen whose office is on Schermehorn St.

  • DrewB

    I heard that horn. I can see the container port from my window and it seemed like it was coming from there. Like maybe some sort of alarm horn. IT was crazy loud. Woke me up with my windows closed and ear plugs in.

    I’m with Topham on Dr. Alperin. He was my PCP for about a year, but I found him to be cold and uninterested. I switched to a Dr. in Manhattan, as the only other local ones covered by my insurance were, shall we say, marginal.

  • T.K. Small

    Usually I can sleep through anything, but this noise/horn/siren woke me up. Right before the blast ended there was a whole bunch of emergency vehicle sounds, which makes me think it was something on the BQE.

  • Publius

    Must see video:

    Amazing what people are doing at Pier 1.

  • Rerunruzbekistan

    Thanks for the GP tips!

  • Peter

    Dr.Lester Salwen is a GI specialist. As far as I know he does not do other things. Does very thorough job with colonoscopy and endoscopy at LICH