Kid’s Kamp Responds to Marty’s Mud

Yesterday, as 25th District state senate Democratic candidate Daniel Squadron was enjoying a photo op with backer Sen. Charles Schumer on Clark Street his opponent’s camp hurled mud at him in the Brooklyn Eagle. Incumbent Marty Connor‘s spokesperson Marty Algace told the paper that the Yale grad’s resume is as “deep as a paper clip.”

BHB asked Squadron campaign spokesperson Mary Cooley to comment on the remark:

“The day Daniel Squadron announced his candidacy, Marty Connor attacked. Now, more political attacks from a crony who’s supposed to be doing government work. Daniel looks forward to talking about resumes, since Connor’s is of the classic Albany variety — partnering with Republicans to kill the commuter tax and weaken rent laws, running a private law practice out of a government office, failing to pay taxes and, just in the last few weeks, hiding from a vote on congestion pricing, while voting to keeping empty, upstate prisons open. Look at Marty Connor’s resume — it’s time to hire someone new.”

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