Marty’s Aide: The Kid is a Paper Clip

The Brooklyn Eagle reports today on Senator Charles Schumer’s endorsement of Daniel “Kid” Squadron for the Democratic nomination to be state senator for the 25th District. While Schumer’s backing of “the Kid” is no surprise to Brooklyn Heights Blog, we found the response from Marty’s spokesperson to be more of the you kids get off lawn rhetoric the Connor Camp is quickly becoming know for in this year’s race:

Brooklyn Eagle: Schumer …: Asked about the endorsement, Marty Algaze, a spokesman for Connor, said that “at least Ken Diamondstone had legitimate qualifications as a candidate. He belonged to a community board, he was a community activist, he took positions on issues.”

By contrast, Algaze continued, Squadron’s qualifications seem to be serving as Schumer’s aide, helping him write the book and being part of a political consulting firm. “His resume is about as deep as a paper clip,” Agaze said.

Algaze also said that Schumer has been in favor of the death penalty, voted for the War in Iraq and voted for the Defense of Marriage Act. The fact that Squadron helped Schumer write the book raises questions about Squadron’s positions on these issues, he said.

This entire race is starting to play out like a Dennis the Menace comic. As a matter of fact if Marty is Mr. Wilson and “Kid” Squadron is Dennis what would your caption be for the cartoon above?

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  • Topper

    Who does that kid think he is with his fresh ideas and his youth? And can you please tell him to stop shooting paper clips at our house?

  • nelson

    Is Algaze correct in saying that Schummer did vote for the war in Iraq and the Defense of Marriage Act?
    Can someone confirm this

  • Homer Fink