Diamondstone Out; Clear Path for “Kid” Squadron

When we saw the news that wallflower Chuck Schumer had endorsed — sorry, “backed” — BHB Facebook friend Dan Squadron over Ken Diamondstone against Marty Connor in the race for the 25th District State Senate Democratic nomination, we weren’t exactly surprised. Schumer was Squadron’s rabbi and the big macher had previously spanked Connor: “You weren’t there when I needed you; I owe you nothing.”

Yes, and Marty’s signature or his brains would be, yadda yadda etc. Our beloved Senator certainly knows how to burn purple when he needs to.

But it was a mite shocking how quickly and decisively Mssr. Diamondstone responded.

…By dropping out! Let’s go to the release:

Progressive advocate and affordable housing creator Ken Diamondstone announced today that he would not enter the race for State Senator Marty Connor’s 25th district seat. Putting to rest widespread speculation as to whether Diamondstone would seek the office he came close to winning in 2006, Diamondstone explained, “I’m not going to engage in a three-way primary that divides the progressive vote. The needs of my fellow constituents are simply too important. Instead, I will be seeking other opportunities to work on behalf of progressive reform for the benefit of all New Yorkers.”

That’s awfully magnanimous of him! The Working Families Party, for its part, makes promises one hopes Squadron will keep:

“Daniel Squadron has the independence, the ideas and the know-how to bring about change and get things done in Albany,” said Dorothy Siegel of Cobble Hill, a member of the Brooklyn Chapter of the Working Families Party. “Whether it’s protecting affordable housing, fighting for our schools or ensuring that Brooklyn Bridge Park becomes a true recreational space, Daniel will champion the issues that matter to working families in this district.”

Cloverfield-sized parking garage, anyone?

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  • Charlie Sahadi

    who the heck is this Norman E-Mailer?!?

  • Sal Minella

    Mr Mailer; I assume the e stands for “expired’

  • Norman E-Mailer

    Ouch, kitten!

  • Tim N.

    Ran into “Kid” at the subway earlier this week… seems like a bright kid. I’ll vote for him.