Love Lane Mews – East Side

Will there be an East Side/West Side rivalry at Love Lane Mews? That remains to be seen. In the meantime, here’s a look at what’s going on in the East Side space opposite the former parking garage. I’ve been watching this take shape from my bedroom window for almost two years, with the sounds of jackhammers gently easing me in to the 7 a.m. hour. After ages of that space being used as some kind of staging area, it’s now taking shape rather quickly, and I predict everything will be walled off by next week. In a strange way I’ll miss it, so I hope whoever moves in treats the place right. And now I’m off to buy thicker curtains.

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  • Susan Heller

    Speaking of Love Lane—might you know what’s happening with the old Love Lane Parking Garage? I thought it was going to be wonderful condo’s—Thank you, Susan