Brooklyn Heights, Get Ready for Spring!

We uncovered this video from last year depicting NYC Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe and our man in the City Council David Yassky yucking it up and playing Frisbee on the Cadman Plaza Park astroturf. With Spring almost in full bloom, can’t you feel the love?

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  • cjp

    Okay… so I’m ready to be take flak for saying this but the fake grass isn’t that bad. Given the alternative between the unattractive dust bowl that was athere nd the rehabilitated park that we now have, I’ll take the fixed up park.

    Is fake grass preferable to real grass? Of course not. Is fake grass that people can play soccer on, toss around a frisbee or smack baseballs on year-round a good alternative? Yeah, works for me. That old park sucked and I never went there. At least now my son and I can hang out and play ball, something we never would have dreamed of before.

    Elected officials have to make tough choices. Fake grass would not be my first choice. But that park looks a heck of a lot better now than it did before the renovation. They did a nice job fixing it up.

  • No One Of Consequence

    I’m in agreement with you, it’s actually not so bad… although it does seem to be showing early signs of wear (seams are buckling and loose in places).

    Here’s a recent article, though:
    U.S. looking at lead levels in artificial turf