Open Thread Wednesday 4/9/08

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And some news from around the web:

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  • T.K. Small

    There used to be a bicycle shop on Atlantic Avenue opposite the jail. I am not sure whether it is still there.

    On another topic, I am sick and tired of the digital incompetence of our local Community Board #2! For years they have had an abysmal webpage. Just trying to find out what time the meeting is tonight is ridiculously frustrating. There is not so much as a phone number.

    If I ever find out what kind of meeting occurs, I am going to go and make this my personal issue. All co-conspirators are more than welcome to join me.

    T.K. Small

  • Qfwfq

    TK, CB 2 is meeting tonight at 6pm, at Long Island University Library Learning Center, Room 122, Flatbush and Dekalb Aves. Found the info here.

  • T.K. Small

    Community Board #2 update.

    Sorry for the typo in my last message “kind” should have been “Time”. Also, I called 411 and that the telephone number, only to have the telephone go unanswered. If you attempts later they finally picked up.

    The meeting will be held tonight at 6 p.m. at the Long Island University Library room 122. If you are also interested, the telephone number is 718 596-5410.

    T.K. Small

  • Charlie Sahadi

    We’re big fans of Recycle-a-Bicycle in Dumbo. They do competent service there as well.

  • HDEB

    Haven’t checked out recycle-a-bike since it moved to the other side of the Manhattan bridge. Looks like a roomier space. The shop on Atlantic is also good.

    Less cars, more bikes!

  • lifer

    The bike shop across from the House of D is still there. Although you’ll usually find the guy who owns it at Montero’s at any time of the day. They’re not that great. The one on Union and Hicks is pretty good, and I have heard good things about the recycle a bike place..Whats weird to me is that I see bike boxes left in front of the bike place after closing hours, just siting there, I wonder how nothing gets vic’d.

  • .

    anyone know where to find a community garden around here?

  • bhbabe

    Anyone notice that the Blue Rose store moved from the corner of Hicks/Montague to the middle space (closer to the UPS store)? The windows of the corner store are now covered in brown paper… wonder what’s happening there!

  • support PS8

    Reminder: PS8’s auction fundraiser is tomorrow night!

  • HDEB

    There are at least a few community gardens in Red hook.

    See info below blatantly copied and pasted from

    Corner of Sigourney and Columbia Streets
    Volunteer Days at the Red Hook Community Farm
    Stop by and volunteer at the farm. Help with seeding, wedding, building beds, etc.
    Call Added Value for details at (718) 855-5531

    Saturdays, July 8 – November 18, 10am-3pm
    Stop by and volunteer at the farm.
    Added Value,, (718) 855-5531″

  • clarknt67

    I take bike down to the bike shop on Washington in Dumbo. I’ve had only good experiences with them and they’re cheap.

  • clarknt67

    I guess that would be Recyle a bike that other’s have mentioned, just just down from Peas & Pickles.

  • T.K. Small

    Thank you to the various people that assisted with getting the information to the Community Board #2 meeting this evening. The meeting was held at LIU and I attended.

    As an example of how government is conducted on the local level, watching and participating in the proceedings was interesting to say the least. At the beginning there was a compelling presentation of a new food co-op in Fort Greene and a number of committee reports and hearing announcements.

    When the floor was opened up for general comments I made a statement about the importance of having a functioning and dynamic website that actually informed the community. There was a fair amount of appreciative mumbling, but it was at the end of the meeting and people were anxious to get going.

    However, after the meeting I somehow managed to more than irritate the Chair of CB. He approached me and started to make some sort of a statement and I perhaps abruptly interrupted him with an enthusiastic response, indicating that “I will be back next month”. He got so angry that he turned his back and stormed away.

    My statement, it seems, was taken as a threat which is really quite comical, given that it was coming from an 85 pound, squeaky voice in a wheelchair. I really only intended to express determination and commitment to the notion of an open governmental process.

    I guess this just proves that some people just don’t get along.

    Oh well,

    T.K. Small