YouTube Vid Salutes Brooklyn Heights’ Godfather of Traffic Cops

The intersection of Cadman Plaza West, Old Fulton Street and Vine Street is a hectic one indeed. And without a good traffic cop to orchestrate the rush hour, things could get out of hand. Check out YouTube user sudarabajan22’s video of this NYPD traffic maestro in action.

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  • Matthew Parker

    I see this fellow almost every day and he makes me smile. Huge tourist attraction as well. I know that he loves the attention, and it’s nice to see someone enjoying themselves while performing a physically demanding job.

  • http://DoesanyonehaveacontactnumberforJamesBrown? Allison

    Does anyone have a contact number for James Brown?

  • Reality is Here

    Mr. Brown is dead.

  • nabeguy

    Reality is Here, thanks for the update, But as far as my dancing feet are concerned, Mr. Brown dies with me.

  • Arch Stanton

    Does anyone remember when Candid Camera had a clip of a cop “dancerecting” traffic? I think it was early 70’s or maybe late 60’s…

  • Anny

    Ha ha, I Love him. I work in a new cafe inside Clark station and always giving him coffee for free,because he makes me smile when i’m on my way to work :)

  • nabeguy

    Late 60’s Arch. Fron Philadelphia, if I recall correctly.

  • nabeguy

    Sorry, that should have been Pittsburgh.

  • nabeguy

    Here you go Arch. Compare and contrast….

  • Arch Stanton

    Thanks nabe,
    Gee 64 I must have seen it on a rerun… LOL
    Anyway, it just goes to show, it doesn’t matter what one does it can be fun as long as it’s done with style.