Weather Looks Great for Saturday’s (10/23) Brooklyn Heights 101 Walking Tour

It’s going to be 57 degrees and sunny for Saturday morning’s Brooklyn Heights 101 Walking Tour. Have friends or family in town? New to the nabe? Join Brooklyn Bugle tour guide Annie Fitzsimmons for a fun and informative outing.

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Tour attendee/BHB reader Carl raves:

Annie Fitzsimmons did a terrific job with the tour on Saturday. She knew an amazing amount of history of
New York and Brooklyn, including the details of the Brooklyn Bridge. She had no notes – it was all from memory –
and she had a bunch of postcards to illustrate many of the sites she brought us to; the St. George Hotel Ballroom,
Grand Lobby and Swimming Pool; the inspiration for the bank building on the corner of Montague & Clinton;
and many others. Everyone on the tour enjoyed it.

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