Pack Rat Fire on Henry Street

via BHB Photo Club contributor dietrich:

FDNY responded to a fire at 147 Henry Street, apt. 5D in Brooklyn Heights. According to neighbors the person occupying the apartment was a “hoarder.” Two firefighters were injured—one was given a neck brace, then carried away on a stretcher to an ambulance waiting on Clark Street.

This is not the first alleged “Collyer Mansion” fire in recent memory.  Last year’s fire at 42 Remsen was reportedly sparked by hoarder conditions.

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  • GHB

    I was wondering about that. I left Gristede’s last night and it smelled worse OUTSIDE the store. I hope the firefighters are OK. Those damn hoarders are a nuisance and a danger to all of us!

  • anon

    for some reason brooklyn heights is a hoarder magnet.
    there are many many hoarders in the neighborhood.
    it is true that there are many crazy people of all kinds in the neighborhood, but a lot of buildings have these hoarder tenants. the rent protection laws (almost all are rent control or rent stablilzed) prevent their landlord or co-op sponsor from threatening them with eviction if they do not clean up their act. the bottom line is that they eventually end up burning themselves to death and making many families homeless. It has happened time and again here in the neighborhood. hoarders love the heights.

  • Andrew Porter

    Good old “anon” has once again targeted their favorite source of all ills in the Heights, those darned rent controlled or rent stabilized tenants. They are so strong in their convictions that they place their name for all to see. Oh, wait…

  • Pataki

    I’m convinced that anon is the Busy Chef.

  • anon

    Ha! Thank you.
    I am quite a busy chef, but alas not The Busy Chef.
    Not all neighborhood hoarders are renters this is true.
    The number one example is the thoroughly nuts Mr. Palmer
    who lived in 135 Joralemon street since 1937 and now lives in a carriage house on Hicks chock-full-o-stuff.
    God bless the old renters in the Heights, the old Marxists and Anarchists and just plain losers. A dying breed. good riddance as far as I am concerend.
    More shepherd pie anyone? Piping hot! Yum!

  • langley

    I bet the goggle brothers are hoarders